Homgeek Water Flosser Now at Just $24.99 (Flash Sale)


The Homgeek Water Flosser uses a unique combination of water pressure and pulse to reduce gingivitis 61% more than dental floss. It is up to twice as effective at reducing gum bleeding than other brands of dental floss.

The Homgeek Upgrader Water Flosser easily removes anything stuck between the teeth in seconds and offers excellent water pressure to improve gum health and achieve good oral hygiene. Homgeek Flosser is especially dedicated to the relief of a wide range of oral diseases, including dental implants/teeth straightening / dental plaque/gum problems / bad breath/tooth decay which is dangerous to our health.

Rinsing the mouth using the Homgeek Flosser can help treat all types of oral problems listed above and helps us stay away from dentists and save on medical treatment costs. Homgeek Flosser has 10 different settings of water pressure (range 30-125 PSI). Try different water pressures to find a setting that works for your teeth and gums. The strong pressure of the water will remove everything between the teeth and below the gum line, where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach.

Homgeek Flosser high-frequency pulses in water (1250-1700 times per minute) for better oral hygiene. The tank uses double sealing rings to prevent water leakage. With the large water capacity inside the 600 ml tank, it provides 90 seconds of continuous operation to avoid the need to stop and add water during use.

You can grab it now at Walmart at Just $24.99 on a Flash sale that will end on 11/30/2022 at 23:59 PMPDT.

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