Honor 90 Pro Renders: 200MP Main Camera, Snapdragon 8 Gen2,


As the backbone of Honor mobile phones, the Honor Digital series has indeed raised the market share of Honor mobile phones to a new level. Regardless of pricing or word-of-mouth, the Honor Digital series has a good performance and is also well received by consumers. favorite. The Honor 80 series has been released, and the rendering design of the Honor 90 Pro has also been leaked. This time, the Honor 90 Pro still follows the high configuration and family design, and it is very likely to become the new king bomb.

The appearance of rear camera of the Honor digital series adopts a family-style design, but every time a new model is released, there will always be a slight change in appearance. This time the Honor 90 Pro is no exception. The appearance of the rear camera adopts a new design element. The main camera lens remains as one, and the two auxiliary camera lenses are also integrated. However, there were originally two ring-shaped camera lenses, but this time the Honor 90 Pro designed one of them as a semicircle, plus two cameras, so the visual effect looks like a human face.

The image performance of the Honor digital series is also very good. This time, the Honor 90Pro has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade in terms of hardware parameter configuration. The Honor 80Pro is equipped with a 160-megapixel lens, and this time the Honor 90Pro is directly upgraded to 200 million pixels, and the size of the sensor is also upgraded to 1/1.12 inches, so in terms of images, especially in Vlog shooting, it has a very Outstanding performance. In addition, the two telephoto and ultra-wide-angle lenses also make the Honor 90Pro’s shooting effect in multiple environments even better.

In addition to the 200-megapixel main camera, the performance of the Honor 90 Pro is also very good, especially after it is equipped with the Snapdragon 8Gen2, its performance cannot be underestimated. Moreover, it is said that the starting version is 12GB+256GB, but the price has not changed, which means that the Honor 90Pro will increase the volume without increasing the price, and its competitiveness will also greatly increase. The built-in 5300mAh battery also supports 100W wired fast charging, which makes the Honor 90Pro’s battery life performance also very good.

The screen parameter configuration of the Honor 90Pro will also be upgraded, and it can be directly upgraded to 2K resolution in one step. The high refresh rate of 120 Hz is a must, and it supports variable speed adjustment of 7 refresh rates. Moreover, the double curvature of the screen of Honor 90Pro has also been adjusted appropriately this time, and the curvature of the screen has been slightly reduced. However, in terms of feeling, Honor 90Pro is still very good. Of course, 1920PWM high-frequency dimming is still equipped. It is surprising that the Honor 90Pro will also use Kunlun glass this time, so the body is also more resistant to falling and stronger.

The Honor digital series has always been the hot-selling model in the Honor mobile phone. This time the Honor 90Pro has increased the volume without adding design, which also inherits the positioning idea of ​​the Honor Digital series. Therefore, whether it is from the appearance or the hardware parameter configuration, the Honor 90Pro will continue to be a hot-selling Honor mobile phone, and it will also be the king of new Honor mobile phones.

Before the release of the Honor 90Pro, Honor 80Pro is still the most worthwhile Honor mobile phone. The Honor 80Pro is equipped with a 160MP camera lens and is also equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ processor and a 1.5K resolution screen. Whether it is the display effect of the screen, the expressiveness of the image, or the expressiveness of the performance parameters, the Honor 80Pro is an It is a flagship mobile phone with no shortcomings, and at the same time, the price is very affordable. It is the most popular Honor mobile phone worth buying before the release of Honor 90Pro.

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