Honor Magic VS Review: Most Perfect Folding Phone


Most of the current folding screen mobile phones are equipped with extremely complicated folding hinges and two front and back screens, resulting in a thick and heavy machine. Therefore, in order to reduce the weight and thickness of the mobile phone, many manufacturers will choose a consistent solution. Sacrificing battery capacity has caused consumers to have a bad impression of poor battery life for folding screens. After nearly 10 months, Honor has launched its second-generation folding flagship phone, the Honor Magic Vs series, which achieves the perfect combination of thinness and strong battery life through the self-developed Luban 0 gear hinge without sacrificing battery capacity.

It has completely solved a major pain point in the field of folding phones and has made all-around upgrades in hinges, performance, images, screens, batteries, and many other aspects.

With the continuous innovation of smartphone technology and the new needs of consumers, folding-screen mobile phones have become popular in the past two years. As a powerful manufacturer in China’s mobile phone industry, Honor once again updated its folding screen product line and launched the Honor Magic Vs series. We also released the evaluation video of the Honor Magic Vs Standard Edition on the 23rd, you can check it out. However, in addition to the standard version, the Honor Magic Vs series also has a high-end version – the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition. Today we will take a look with you.

Design & Appearance

The external screen of the Honor Magic Vs uses a 6.45-inch OLED screen, and the slender ratio of 21:9 makes it easy for girls to hold it.

The screen resolution reaches 2560×1080, the display is clear and delicate, and supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, smooth and silky when sliding, and has 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which can prevent eye fatigue when watching mobile phones at night. The three major buttons of the mobile phone are not integrated on the same side of the phone. The right side is equipped with a fingerprint recognition two-in-one power button, and the left side is a volume adjustment button.

The version we got from Kuaitech is burning orange, and the back of the phone is made of orange plain leather. As a new generation of Honor’s folding flagship mobile phone, the hinge of Honor Magic Vs adopts the self-developed Luban 0 gear hinge, which supports multi-angle hovering operation.

The mortise and tenon integrated molding process is introduced, and the number of supporting structure parts of the hinge is reduced from 92 to 4, which greatly reduces the complexity of the hinge structure and also reduces the weight of the phone. The official said that the weight of the Honor Magic Vs is only 261g. It is also currently the lightest mobile phone with an inner folding screen in the industry, allowing folding machines to take into account thinness and lightness.

After unfolding, the Honor Magic Vs has a 7.9-inch internal screen, a 10:9 screen ratio, a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, and a 16-megapixel front-facing camera on the right half of the screen.

In addition, the internal screen of the Honor Magic Vs also supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. On the top of the outer screen, it is equipped with a centered hollow-out 16-megapixel front-facing camera, and a micro-slit earpiece is used on the top, which is integrated with the top frame.

The chin at the bottom of the phone is controlled very narrowly, and it has been processed with arc harvesting so that it will not cut your hands when performing full-screen gesture touch. The Honor Magic Vs has a rear three-camera module, and the right side of the camera is a color temperature sensor and a dual-color temperature LED fills light.

The top and bottom of the phone are equipped with independent speakers, forming a symmetrical double speaker. The top is equipped with an infrared remote control sensor, and the bottom is equipped with a Type-C and earphone-sharing interface. The included charger has a maximum power of 66W and adopts the Honor SuperCharge fast charging protocol.


Both the internal and external screens of Honor Magic Vs support 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, HDR10+ high dynamic range, support 1 billion colors, and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

PWM dimming is based on the alternating on and off of the screen. When the PWM dimming screen is on, it does not continuously emit light but keeps on and off the screen. When the turn on and off is fast enough, the naked eye will think that the phone is always on.

In the process of turning on and off the screen, the longer the off-screen state lasts, the lower the brightness of the screen will be to the naked eye. No matter how fast or slow the flickering frequency is, as long as the on-off time ratio within a flickering cycle is kept constant, the brightness of the screen will remain unchanged.

Therefore, the characteristics of PWM dimming are simple structure, no color cast problem, power saving, and low heat generation, but there is a fatal shortcoming, there is a stroboscopic phenomenon, and watching the screen for a long time will cause discomfort to the eyes.

In this regard, in order to solve the screen flicker problem of PWM dimming, mobile phone manufacturers have increased the dimming frequency from 1440Hz to 1920Hz, which is more common in direct-screen mobile phones.

For folding-screen mobile phones, there are almost no high-frequency dimming devices. Both the internal and external screens of the Honor Magic Vs are equipped with 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which is extremely rare in the field of mainstream folding mobile phones. The lightest inner folding flagship! Honor Magic Vs review: lightness, battery life, eye protection, its all-inclusive

Let’s test its performance in a low-light environment.

Compared with the iPhone 13 Pro, the screen flicker of the Honor Magic Vs is much lower than that of the iPhone. Not only the internal screen supports high-frequency dimming, but also the external screen. The higher frequency can reduce the brightness fluctuation of the screen in dark light. Looking at the mobile phone can protect the eyes and reduce the pressure on the eyes.


Honor Magic Vs simplifies the split-screen method. Open any APP on the inner screen, and a shortcut split-screen button will appear at the top center, providing two ways of split-screen left and right and floating split-screen. We only need to click the button to choose any A split-screen mode, the one-finger split-screen function saves the cumbersome operation logic, and even novices can master it in a short time.

Smart Multi-window

In addition, Honor Magic Vs provides a quick split-screen APP list on the right sidebar, and we can customize and add multi-window applications.

After joining the application, click the application to open it. At this time, we can browse the news while browsing the mall. The two tasks are carried out at the same time without interfering with each other.

We swipe up from the bottom of the floating window to close the app.

Swipe down from the bottom to display the floating window in full screen.

You can even drag the floating window and slide it left and right to open parallel windows. Through simple operation logic, you can achieve faster one-step split-screen capability, which reduces learning costs and improves the efficiency of using mobile phones with large screens.

If the floating window blocks the line of sight, the floating window of the Honor Magic Vs can be adjusted freely according to the proportion to find a suitable proportion, and the floating window can be dragged at will, without affecting the subjective operation. The window presents an interactive experience of multiple applications.

Smart multi-window can not only open a single floating window, but even open the floating window while opening the parallel window, preview three applications on the same screen, and perform multitasking in a richer and more convenient way.

Single-App Multitasking

Single application multitasking, the left, and right windows can be used independently, we can view the price information of two products at the same time in the same APP, and if you have a lot of WeChat messages, you can use this function to realize the convenient experience of chatting with two colleagues, no need to switch frequently in the double window.

Honor Magic Vs has a considerable improvement in functional experience. In the MagicOS 7.0 system, I think one of the most practical functions is the ability to sense breath. To combine voice assistants into one, you only need to place the phone microphone 5cm away from your mouth Left and right, you can wake up the YOYO assistant without voice by directly speaking the operation command.

For example, if we put the mobile phone directly to our mouth, the mobile phone will detect the action of being picked up and turn on the microphone for voice recognition.

Then we directly say “how’s the weather today?”, and the mobile phone can respond immediately. This function saves us from the embarrassing scene of voice wake-up in public places and does not need to use any buttons. convenient.

New Honor Notes

Honor Notes is a powerful personal knowledge center tailored for office workers and students. It supports multiple content recording, editing, and collection modes, audio-text synchronization, and Magic text smart scanning functions, which can make our meeting records and text conversions more efficient. A whole new situation.

Honor Note supports synchronous recording or synchronous playback of notes and notes. When recording, it automatically converts the recorded audio content into text form and retains the recorded audio content, which is displayed in both visual and auditory forms.

After the recording is finished, we can jump to the recording content of the current note in real-time by clicking on the text position. On the contrary, slide the audio scroll bar, and the text content will also jump to the corresponding position.

In Honor Notes, the mobile phone can recognize the text content in reality or on the display through the camera, and automatically convert it into text form. Through accurate recognition, we avoid tedious editing in the future, and the natural paragraphs of the text can be easily restored to achieve the briskest conversion experience.

In the Honor Magic Vs mobile phone, the Magic text function has been further evolved. It can not only recognize the text on the display but also accurately convert handwriting to text.

We handwritten a piece of text and used Honor Notes to recognize it. We can see that both the recognition accuracy and the recognition speed are satisfactory, which can fully meet the needs of meeting minutes and study notes for text records.


In the game testing session, we selected the mainstream “Honor of the King”, “Peace Elite” and “Yuan Shen” for testing in an office environment with a room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

The first is the “Honor of Kings” mobile game. With a high frame rate and the highest picture quality, the game runs at a maximum of 90FPS.

After nearly 10 minutes of testing in a team battle, the final average frame rate of Honor Magic Vs was maintained at 89.4FPS. The frame rate waveform was as stable as a straight line, and there was no slight stuttering during the game.

In terms of temperature, the temperature on the front of the phone is 37.6 degrees Celsius, the hot spot is located in the center of the screen, and the highest temperature on the back is 36.6 degrees Celsius, which is located under the rear module, and you will not feel obviously hot when holding it with both hands.

Peace Elite

Next is the “Peace Elite” mobile game. Based on the high frame rate, we turned on the smooth image quality + 90 frame mode. After nearly 17 minutes of game testing, the frame rate can be stabilized at 90FPS in the first 14 minutes, with slight fluctuations during the period, but the perception is not obvious during the game. In the end, the average frame rate of the game was maintained at 87.3 FPS.

After temperature measurement, the highest temperature on the front of the mobile phone is 40.3 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the back is 39.7 degrees Celsius. Holding it with both hands, the camera part is wrapped with a metal frame, and it will feel a little hot. Therefore, when playing games, try to avoid holding this part. hold.

Original God

Finally, the main event, the “Yuan Shen” mobile game test session, opened the highest quality +60FPS mode and ran the game for nearly 20 minutes. The game ran at the highest 60FPS for the first 11 minutes, and the game frame rate dropped to 50FPS after 11 minutes. The lower frame rate in the later period did not cause the tearing of the picture caused by the freeze during the game, but it has been maintained at the highest frame rate that can be touched.

In terms of temperature, the highest temperature on the front of the phone is 41.1 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the back is 39.3 degrees Celsius. The temperature is relatively high. The highest heating pad on the front is located in the middle of the phone, and the rear is located in the camera area. When holding a mobile phone, you can try to avoid these two high-heat areas.

Scanning speed

Honor Magic Vs has been optimized at the OS Turbo X system level, and the scanning speed has been greatly improved, always one step faster.

After testing, while aligning the QR code, you can quickly scan the code as soon as you open the payment software. This is based on Honor’s continuous adjustment and optimization of various hardware and functions of the system, so that the system can be used for a long time like new. The more you use it, the smoother it becomes, and the more you use it, the better it is.

5. Signal performance

Honor Magic Vs is equipped with a wrap-around antenna layout. This design can greatly increase the radio frequency area of ​​the antenna, and also greatly enhance the signal of the mobile phone in a weak field. After the self-developed LINK Turbo X technology, it can be intelligent according to the application scenario. The data channel is dispatched to ensure that the mobile phone can also have a full signal in closed environments such as basements and elevators.

After our test, we compared the Honor Magic Vs with another 5G mobile phone in the elevator. We can see that the Honor Magic Vs has a full 5G signal, while the other mobile phone has switched to a 4G signal is full.

In the underground garage, the Honor Magic Vs still had a full 5G signal, while the other mobile phone also switched to a 4G network, and the signal dropped by two bars year-on-year.

After comparison, it is enough to prove that the wrap-around antenna layout of the Honor Magic Vs can indeed bring enough strong communication capabilities to the mobile phone in a relatively closed space.


The Honor Magic Vs has a rear three-camera module. The main camera uses a 54-megapixel 1/1.49-inch Sony IMX800 outsole sensor. The ultra-wide-angle is a 50-megapixel CMOS that supports a 122-degree field of view.

In addition, it also has an 8-megapixel telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, which supports OIS optical and EIS electronic dual anti-shake.

Below we present a set of proofs   

The above is a sample taken by the Honor Magic Vs in a daytime scene. The weather at that time was gloomy, but the picture presented was bright and transparent, except for the last sample of a building looking up at the sky.

In terms of the color expression ability of the picture, the colors of dead leaves and buildings are natural, but the flowers of various colors will appear a little unnatural. The whole body of the proofs is slightly whitish, but it is not particularly conspicuous, and the overall color is relatively saturated. presented.

Night scene proofs, using the long exposure of the night scene mode, you can take a full sense of immersion in the proofs. There is no obvious glare from the lights, and the color of the picture tends to be rich in style, but there is no color cast. The overall image is more colorful than the actual scene. , belongs to the kind of training style that pleases the eyeballs.

Using 3x optical zoom or higher multiple hybrid zooms, the picture captured is very pure, the details are restored in place under daytime conditions, the color is biased, and the latitude performance is also very satisfactory.

In the night scene, the astigmatism control of the light board is very good. It was foggy at the time, and the effect of interlacing light and shadow can produce a satisfactory telephoto night scene.

With the 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, the picture is clear, and the distortion control on both sides is quite in place, which can meet the daily shooting needs and deal with some relatively wide pictures without pressure.

The ultra-wide-angle lens of the Honor Magic Vs also supports night scene mode, and we also took a few night scenes. We can see that halo and astigmatism will appear in some scenes with direct light. Although it is not as good as the main camera, the color display is also very good.


The Honor Magic Vs has a built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery and supports 66W super fast charging.

Charging test

After the actual test, the test starts when the battery power of the mobile phone is 5%. It takes 10 minutes to charge to 40%, 20 minutes to 60%, half an hour to 87%, 40 minutes to 98%, and it takes 43 minutes to fully charge. Overall charging The speed is not much different from the previous Honor Magic V.

Endurance test

In terms of test items, we chose the limit battery life test and checked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing to simulate user usage scenarios and restore the real load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the real power consumption.

1. External screen battery life

We first test the battery life of the 6.45-inch external screen of the mobile phone. Adjust the brightness of the mobile phone to 50% and turn off the automatic brightness. The refresh rate defaults to smart switching. The power is tested from 100% to 20%. After conversion, the battery life of a full battery can reach nearly 12 hours. In the field of folding screens, the Honor Magic Vs is also considered a leader.

2. Internal screen battery life

We also tested the battery life of the Honor Magic Vs on the internal screen. It took 6 hours and 54 minutes for the battery to go from 100% to 20%. Converted to a full battery, the battery life can reach nearly 9 hours. The big screen state is 2.2 times longer than that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Hours, it is currently the mobile phone with the longest battery life among foldable screen mobile phones on the market.


Honor Magic Vs, as its second folding screen mobile phone, is more like an upgraded and repaired version of the previous generation, with a new hinge design, a perfect ecological experience, a more practical telephoto lens, and outstanding battery life. It’s all about Honor’s efforts to advance to the highest level of folding screens.

After a period of experience with Honor Magic Vs, we make the following summary:

To sum up, the Honor Magic Vs can definitely be called the most powerful and perfect internal folding mobile phone at present. The self-developed hinge and 5000mAh large-capacity battery take into account both the thin and light body and strong battery life. In the new operating system MagicOS With the blessing of 7.0, the system experience is also the top among folding screen phones.

At the same time, the Honor Magic Vs also introduces many innovative functions, such as the ability to transfer 5 million U-shields based on a secure memory chip, the voice control brought by the perception of breath, no need for wake-up words, and the large-screen folding mobile phone has a similar The pad-like large-screen experience and operation logic, these many practical functions, are the innovations of Honor, and strive to differentiate and make a unique display in the field of folding screens. Therefore, Honor Magic Vs has become the most perfect folding screen at present. flagship.

For users, the Honor Magic Vs allows many users of folding screens to no longer need to use an additional backup machine, and the folding screen has truly entered the era of the main phone.

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