HOTWAV Cyber 7 Review: Design, Hardware, and other Features


Hotwav Cyber ​​7 is an affordable luxury smartphone with a distinctive and elegant design that combines high-tech elements with simple, yet classic dominant colors (red and black).


The Hotwav Cyber ​​7 is quite a chunk. With dimensions of 168 x 81 x 17 millimeters and a weight of 336 grams, the smartphone weighs almost twice as much as a normal smartphone. The Cyber ​7 is an affordable luxury smartphone with a distinctive, stylish appearance that combines high-tech elements with simple but classic colors (red and black) and is aimed at young consumers.


The Hotwav Cyber ​​7 is equipped with a large 6.3-inch FHD + screen, with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 Pixels. With a pixel density of 409 PPI, 450 nit illumination, and 1500: 1 contrast. What offers a smooth handling of the component that is also visible outdoors.


The Hotwav Cyber​7 is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor. Able to provide adequate performance for the media category. The RAM is from 8Gb and the Rom from 128Gb, ​​expandable via MicroSD up to 1TB. In general, the smartphone computes quickly without particular problems.


The HOTWAV Cyber 7 has a 32 MP front camera that improves image quality, a 48 MP HD main camera with 8 MP wide-angle and 2 MP macro, and a 20 MP HD night vision camera with two High-performance infrared lights that enable clear video recording even at night.


The timeless classics of the digital age, WiFi in the frequencies between 2.4GHz / 5GHz and Bluetooth 5.1. Just as there is an NFC chip by means of which, for example, the smartphone can manage the aspect of contactless payments, which are increasingly used.


Hotwav Cyber7 integrated an 8280mAh high energy capacity battery. This allows up to 1.5 days of moderate use, with operations such as browsing the Internet, Google, YouTube, and the following social media, etc.


The Hotwav Cyber ​​7 has an Android 11 operating system. One of the best versions developed by Google. Full of useful applications, not that with important adaptive capabilities.

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Where To Buy

With the Cyber ​​7, Hotwav has succeeded in creating an excellent outdoor smartphone. For an import price of less than €200, the device offers excellent features: the Dimensity processor has enough power to use the smartphone as a daily driver. Hotwav Cyber ​​7 is now available on CAFAGO at Just €174.75 with duty-free shipping.


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