How to Choose between iQOO 10 and Redmi K50 Ultra?


iQOO10 and Redmi K50 Ultra were released one after the other, about a month apart, and they are both straight-screen flagships, and the price difference is not that big, so naturally there will be a comparison! But these two models for users who love to play games iQOO10 comprehensive quality is better, after all, the price is hundreds of yuan more expensive; And Redmi K50 Ultra offers even more bang for the buck!

Redmi K50 Ultra and iQOO10 comparison:

1. Processor

Both models are powered by TSMC’s Snapdragon 8+ processor, which offers good performance and power consumption. In particular, the reduction of power consumption, the game scene temperature control and frame rate have a relatively obvious improvement!

In addition, iQOO 10 also has a double pressure sense under the screen, double X-axis motor to improve the control sense and shock feedback of the game, and the built-in V1+ chip in addition to the image upgrade, but also to improve the game frame rate, so the game alone must be iQOO10 won!

2. screen

Redmi K50 Ultra has a 1.5K flexible straight screen, 2712 x 1220 resolution, 12bit color depth, and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. It’s not 2K, but it looks and feels pretty good!

IQOO10 is an ordinary 1080P straight screen, supporting 16.7 million colors, DC dimming, etc., but also support 1200Hz instantaneous touch control, plus the absolute advantage of E5 material in power consumption and brightness, it also has a good quality screen.

3. take photos

The comprehensive quality of iQOO10 is also stronger in image function.

Redmi K50 Ultra has a rear-mounted Samsung 100 megapixel main camera and OIS optical anti-shake support. While the resolution is good, the overall image quality is moderate at 3,000 yuan, $434.

In contrast, iQOO10 uses Samsung GN5 sensor 50 megapixel main photography, with Vivo self-developed image chip V1+, imaging performance will be more outstanding! In addition, the wide angle of iQOO10 and the third side of the specification is also slightly higher, so in a comprehensive view of the photography iQOO 10 also has many advantages!

4. Battery and charging

Both models use a 120W preferred super flash charge, but Redmi K50 Ultra has a built-in 5000mAh battery, which is 300mAh more than the iQOO10, so it will perform slightly better!

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All in all, Redmi K50 Ultra is less expensive and more balanced in all aspects. IQOO10 has certain advantages in game experience and photography, especially suitable for users who love to play games and take into account the daily use of choice!


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