How to Find a Smart TV App Development Company


Tips on Finding a Smart TV App Development Company

Gone are the days when appointment television was the main source of entertainment.
The picky and spoiled consumers of today demand opportunities to customize their entertainment experience and want to access their favorite content on a big screen, which became possible with the Smart TV introduction. This desire of the audience to remain fueled with their favorite content on high-resolution screens surrounded by superior sound led to increasing demand for smart TV app development.

Are you thinking of creating one but have no coding skills? The following paragraphs will provide you with all the necessary tips on choosing a smart TV app development team that will guarantee the audience a stellar viewing experience.

Prefer Companies to Independent Agents

Smart TV app development is a complex process that encompasses such steps as decoding the audience, prototype creation, building a product, fixing bugs, providing updates, and long-term maintenance. This is much better when all these processes are handled by an agency in which team members have already established communication, rather than independent agents. 

Attention to Smart TV Platforms

A smart TV app development team you’re about to employ should not only be skilled in a wide range of innovative technologies. It should also have expertise in developing applications for your target platform. This may be the OTT (over-the-top) platform, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, etc. 

Consider a Company’s Approach to Smart TV App Development

Once again, the process of smart TV app development goes above and beyond just coding. This is a set of connected, well-thought actions that help to nurture an idea into a full-featured smart TV app. Before hiring a tech team, make sure they will perform all the following steps to build your best possible application.

Decoding the audience and understanding their pain points. This stage involves deep market research to reveal the target audience of your future smart TV app and nailing down their needs. A vital success of a ready-made product depends on resolving customers’ pain points and offering a solution they can’t refuse. 

Building a strategy. Collection and synthesis of initial ideas with a regard to your business model and capabilities to create a strategy that will help a tech team supply you with the best app. 

Design and prototype creation. Considering a purpose and vision of a product, a design team creates a visual mock-up of a smart TV app and a detailed user journey.

Development. Adopting the required techniques, the development team does its magic by creating an application that will contain all the necessary features. 

Testing and fixing the bugs. During this stage, a smart TV app is put under rigorous testing to make sure no place is left for bugs. Testing is the last step before a smart TV app reaches the market. Thus, it’s essential to be 100% sure nothing interferes with the user experience. 

Post-release maintenance and updates provision. Even after an application goes live, it’s essential to provide it with post-release support, fix incidents, and implement updates. 

Give Preference to Ukrainian-based Team of Developers

One of the greatest ways to contribute to the success of a video streaming app and a smart TV app is to carefully choose the location of a development team. To build a feature-rich product at a reasonable cost, outsource development to programmers from Ukraine. Here are some of the merits of Ukrainian developers that make them a win-win choice.

  • Affordable rates start from $20 for a junior programmer;
  • High-tech background of local engineers;
  • A variety of skilled programmers to hire;
  • High level of spoken and written English; 
  • Enhanced soft skills.

Ukrainian development company Perfsol is an excellent example of a professional team of Smart TV app developers. Perfsol experts are on alert for your application’s success and implement top tech solutions throughout the development process: starting from nurturing an idea to bringing a turnkey product to the market. Applying to Perfsol experts will help your smart TV app stay ahead of the competition with a fast, secure, and easy-to-navigate smart TV application.


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