How To Get The Best Edible Delivery Surrey


Things to keep in mind while making your purchases

Greenmates is the company that offers the best edible delivery surrey to its customers. It is one of the highest weed delivery services in surrey. The quality of the product and the delivery time are the priorities of the company. The company directly delivers the orders to the customers without any middleman. You can now order the best edible delivery surrey through the website of Greenmates directly. The website of Greenmates is highly user-friendly. This helps the customers to place their orders without many difficulties. You can directly use the website for placing your orders even without an account. It means that it is not mandatory to sign up for an account with Greenmates when you want to order your weed.

To place your order, first, you have to get to the official website of the company. Place your orders through the cart provided for you. When you have finished selecting your products, check out from the website. now you need to fill up the shipping details so that the orders can be delivered to you. Once you have completed the delivery details, you can check out the payment for your purchase. The order for your products is placed as e-transfer order. Once you checkout from the website after choosing your products, an order confirmation message will show up.

After confirming your order, instructions for your payment will show up on the website. you can pay for your purchase after you receive your products. As there is no middle man between the company and the customer, all the products are directly delivered to the customers by the company-provided delivery service. You can pay for the product to the driver upon receiving your product. You have to show your ID to the driver to receive your product. This is to make sure that you are not underage. Once you show your ID, you will receive your product. Then it is all yours!

You can get the best edible delivery surrey either through the same-day delivery option or through mail out. It means you cannot go and pick up your delivery directly from the company. There is no policy provided for that from the company. You can place your orders for any amount. There is no minimum for it. Small or big, all types of orders are welcomed at Greenmates. Greenmates delivers its products to the customers within a period of 2 hours. Please ensure that you have placed your order for the products correctly.

Once you confirm the payment option and have a change of mind after some time, it will be difficult to make proper changes to your products. But still, there are options for making changes. You can contact the live agent of the website for more inquiries about your product. As you have seen on the website, there is an option for chatting with the live agent directly. You just have to click the purple chat button to do so. You must include your name and your order number while inquiring about your product. Once you received your product and found an issue with it, you can do the same. You will get proper assistance from the live agent on what to do next with your product.

Get things done correctly with your purchase

If you placed your order and haven’t received it for some reason, even after 2 hours, chat with the live agent of the website. The agents of the website are always happy to help or assist you with your issues. So, keep in mind that when you find a problem with your order, you can immediately contact the live agent. They will help you to look into the issues further. The company accepts both cash and InteracE-transfers at the time of delivery. These are by the payment option policy of the company. If you are using the Interac E-transfer as your payment option, there will be a processing fee for it. Keep in mind that this is not a delivery fee.

While using the Interac E-transfer as your payment option, you will get 6% of your total purchase cost as a processing fee. Make sure to contact the live agent if your payment hasn’t reached the company yet. InteracE-transfer is an online payment optionthat is instant. But at times it will take up to 15 minutes for the payment process to get completed. So, if you observe that the money has been debited from your account, but still not credited to the company, wait for some time. Even after 15 minutes, if you find that the money is not credited, make sure to contact the live agent.

There is an option for refund and exchange. But this depends on the situation and type of problem associated with the product. All the deliveries made through the company officially will be received by the customers within 2 hours. You can count on the delivery of your product after confirming your delivery address. The delivery time depends on the delivery route. If it is a buy day with heavy traffic, it may take a litter more than 2 hours for receiving your product. Usually, the products are delivered within 45 minutes to 2 hours. The time at which you have placed your order is also crucial. For example, if you place your order at 7 pm, then you will receive your product from 7 pm to 9 pm.

There is an option for tracking your order. When a driver is issued for your delivery, you will be informed about the same through a notification message. In that message, you will have a link to track your order. If you need more assistance regarding the time of arrival of the product, you can contact the live agent for your queries. The delivery fee for your product depends on your location and distance. You can see the delivery fee for your products while you checkout from the website after entering your delivery details. The delivery fee starts at $9. If you purchase for more than $50, you will receive your orders at a discount of $5 from your delivery fee.


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