How to make a website look more professional


The site that has a professional look always has much higher conversions in comparison to the one that is not optimized at all. If you want your business to grow, take care of your page and make it look perfect for every visitor. Read on to find out how to make your website look professional and why it is important.

Why Do I Need My Site to Look Professional?

The answer is obvious because no business is interested in low sales and conversations. You know that many companies pay thousands of dollars just to have a good-looking design because potential clients are all interested in a perfect picture. It also gives the following benefits:

  • It increases your reputation. People want to deal with solid projects, so if you pretend that your business is one of them, prove it by making a website that describes it in a better way.
  • It makes you visible. You probably know what SEO is. Did you know that optimized websites that have a user-friendly interface have the biggest chances of appearing at the top of the best Google results? Well, at least you already know it.
  • It increases your sales. There is no doubt that it is much nicer to buy something on a website that looks professional. Potential customers will be interested in your services if they feel comfortable visiting the website.

Fortunately, there is no need to pay much money for a good design. Experts from Promodex Agency will describe below what you can do if you want to optimize your website.

Tips for How to Optimize Your Website Design

Here are the recommendations for a web design that will help your site look much better than it already is. Use some of them if you think that they will help your business.

Use a limited color palette

It is needed to avoid overwhelming visitors. People here are not here just to see how colorful your website is. Use soft themes and make minimalism your best friend. When the page hurts your eyes, you will lose your clients because they will probably leave your page. So make sure that it is a big pleasure to be on the website and that nothing stops them from a comfortable content view.

Leave plenty of “white space”

Wondering why? Well, it prevents cluttered pages and posts. Let’s be honest: it’s not that beautiful when your website elements just overlap each other. This platform often appears when people are discovering pages from a phone or desktop with a small screen. Think about them and get rid of the chaos they cause just by optimizing your website space.

Choose a legible font

Sorry, but if you are a Comic Sans font fan, your website will hardly look professional. Choosing the right legible font is a kind of art, but it is needed to ensure readability and make your page look solid. Buy a font or use one that is free for commercial use. If you are very creative, you can even create your own font to look more unique.

Add high-quality personal photos

Forget about stock photos if you want to be different from your competitors. When people want to order, say, a hand-made carpet, it is a bad idea to use a picture of a carpet you find on the internet. Please provide authenticity by using your own photos that describe your business well. Also, stock photos are often of low quality and require a fee for them. In comparison to the stock ones, your own pictures are free.

Include clear navigation and search functionality

The main rule that will help visitors find what they need is Don’t confuse your potential customers and give them a well-functioning website where it is clear what action is required to move to a specific place. If people are having trouble navigating, they will leave your page, because no one wants to waste their time.

Craft a well-written About page

It is an important tip that will help you build user trust and loyalty. People want to know who you are and why they should cooperate with your business. Describe your company, but don’t make it boring. Use only helpful and interesting information, such as your achievements, awards, impressive numbers, famous clients, and reasons why people should work with you.

Incorporate Call to Action (CTA) buttons

It is needed to boost your conversion rate. For instance, through these buttons, people could call your store, contact your manager, subscribe to a Telegram channel, and do many other actions that people can do right on your website. Firstly, it makes your page look lively; secondly, it really increases conversions. Moreover, the website quickly acquires a user-friendly interface that attracts people.

Keep your headers and footers consistent

Make them look like they are a single whole. Do not overload them with useless information and elements. This practice helps to build brand recognition and gives your website a minimalistic look.

Prioritize mobile responsiveness

Many people browse the internet using their phones. It would be a great mistake for you to not optimize the website for mobile users because it helps you reach more users.

Provide simple contact forms

There should not be any difficulties for users when they want to contact your business. Use easy and simple forms to help users get in touch whenever they want. Also, make them appear natural on your page and avoid overlapping with other elements. 



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