How to Pass the Security Check On Airport With E-cigarettes? Let’s Find Out

Motivations for travel are becoming increasingly clear. We plan the travel season every year, and it is inevitable that our daily work needs to be moved between cities. Various means of transportation are overwhelming, and security measures are becoming increasingly strict. Are E-cigarettes allowed on an airplane? Are lithium batteries and e-juice allowed? How can we pass the security check smoothly and quickly with E-cigarettes?
The following editor summarizes some experience as a reference. Each airline may be different, it is best to consult in advance.

How to pass the security check with E-cigarettes on the plane

1. Equipment

Remove your atomizer, battery, and avionics if you don’t need to remove them, please turn off the built-in device if you don’t need to remove it. During the security check, put it in the basket together with the power bank and notebook. If the security check personnel ask, just tell him that this is an E-cigarettes box.

Can e-cigarettes pass the security check?

Do not put batteries in the main unit when boarding an airplane. It is best to turn off the main unit before the security check, and do not use “lock” instead, which can save power and prevent the main unit from being bumped and squeezed in the luggage and unlocked. Again, travel should be as safe and reliable as possible to avoid causing trouble to yourself and others, and avoid negative perceptions of E-cigarettes on ordinary people.

2. Battery

Batteries and avionics cannot be checked in, and built-in battery equipment cannot be checked in. Please carry them with you. Civil aviation actually has a total capacity requirement for lithium batteries, but each airport does not strictly enforce them. Do not carry too many batteries. After all, 100 watt-hours is a Contains the sum of the power of all electrical equipment, such as mobile phones, mobile power supplies, cameras, and other equipment.

Can e-cigarettes pass the security check?

Note: When carrying batteries, you must pay attention to using a special plastic storage box, and you cannot directly stuff the batteries into your luggage. If you don’t have such a small storage box, you can also buy one, which costs a little money and maximizes safety.

3. Atomizer

There is no limit on the quantity, and you can sit in rows in your backpack. It doesn’t matter if there is oil in the oil storage, but some oil storage atomizers will leak oil due to air pressure problems. Be careful not to contaminate your backpack pocket or storage bag, and you don’t need to notify the security check separately personnel. In addition, please close all the atomizers that can close the oil inlet and air intake holes, so as to reduce the impact a little.

4. E-liquid

Civil Aviation stipulates that the liquid carried by individuals shall not exceed 100ml, but each airport does not strictly enforce it except during special periods (such as the two sessions), try to control the amount of liquid you carry, if there is a lot of e-liquid, consciously consign it.

How to pass the security check with e-cigarettes on high-speed trains and trains

Carry E-cigarettes and related equipment on high-speed rail and trains, you can: bring them as you like!


First, make sure that vaping devices, batteries, and e-liquid are all stored in your carry-on luggage, as none of these can be checked in. It is recommended to keep both the E-cigarettes and the spare battery in a convenient place. Generally speaking, as long as you pay attention to the points mentioned above, you can easily and quickly pass through the airport security check, and start a happy journey together with your E-cigarettes!

Finally, please consciously use a small smoke atomizer on the train. If you smoke E-cigarettes on the train, it may arouse the resentment of unsuspecting riders, thinking it is smoking, so you should either ask the surrounding passengers in advance whether they agree to smoke E-cigarettes or just bear it and not smoke E-cigarettes in public places.

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