Huawei Honor 80 Pro Smartphone Officially Released at 3,499 yuan, $492


This afternoon, Honor updated the digital series and officially launched the new Honor 80 series flagship.

Among them, Honor 80 Pro is the top model of this series, and the configuration is also pile up to the first echelon in the industry. For the first time, it is equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship chip Snapdragon 8+, and it is the industry’s first new version.

First of all, in terms of appearance, Honor 80 Pro continues the family-style design of the digital series. It adopts the double mirror design on the back and cleverly introduces the infinity symbol on the rear camera, which means infinite possibilities and exactly echoes the number “8”.

The new machine has four color scheme, respectively: bright black, Moyu green, blue wave, pink morning glow. Among them, the color “Bibo micro blue” uses the new “3D composite precision engraving process”, which can change with the flow of light. With the 7.8mm thin body, the whole machine looks very fashionable.

On the front of the Honor 80 Pro is a 6.78-inch 1.5-K retina-level curved screen with a resolution of 2,700×1224 and a PPI of 437, which simultaneously combines fine display and power saving.

The shape is very recognizable. It adopts the center bar opening similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, but the opening area is 60% smaller than the latter, which is more visually coordinated and occupies less display area.

In addition, the screen supports a 10bit depth, four-speed 120Hz smart refresh rate, and 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming technology, making the overall screen more gorgeous, smoother, and more eye protection.

In terms of core specifications, Honor 80 Pro is not only equipped with Snapdragon 8+ chip, but also equipped with a strong cooling system. With the technical adjustment of GPU Turbo X, it can achieve stronger performance scheduling than Youshang. The official measured experience of “Honor of King” is 120 frame full frame, and “Original God” is 60 frame full frame. At the same time, lower power consumption, better temperature control, longer endurance.

Powered by the new GPU Turbo X frame rate enhancement technology, Honor 80 Pro can not only play at full frame, but also break the frame rate limit and support higher frame rates. Peace Elite 90 frames can be hyperframed to 120 frames in most scenes for smoother graphics, and Protoss can be hyperframed to 90 frames at 60 frames.

The new phone is light and thin, but it has a built-in 4800mAh battery that can brush Tiktok continuously for 15.2 hours. It also supports 66W Honor Wired Super fast charge, which can recharge blood quickly.

Image capability has always been the strength of the Honor Digital series, and this time it continues to be greatly upgraded, equipped with 160 million pixel super clear main photography and a number of image technologies, bringing high pixel, high sensitive, high dynamic range shooting experience.

First of all, in terms of hardware, the rear camera of Honor 80 Pro is a three-lens scheme. The main shot is 160 million pixel customized ultra-clear main shot, with 50 million pixel ultra-wide angle macro main shot and 2 million pixel depth of field lens. The front shot is 50 million pixel AI portrait main shot +2 million pixel depth of field lens.

Thanks to the ultra-high resolution power of 160 million pixels, Honor 80 Pro can still clearly record one thousandth of wonderful details when shooting at 80 meters.

It has powerful camera hardware. With the upgrade of HONOR Image Engine computing image platform and RAW image algorithm, the overall image effect is stronger. For example, in the comparison of HDR shooting, the effect is far better than that of Apple iPhone 14.

Vlog video shooting function has always been the main feature of Honor Digital series. This time, Honor 80 Pro also launched a new AI Vlog video master function. The mobile phone will intelligently recommend six video shooting modes: macro video, night video, portrait video, HDR video, protagonist mode and multi-mirror video, from shooting preparation, recording process to editing. It can be easily operated, newbies can also easily shoot a large film effect.

In terms of the system, Honor 80 Pro will first preinstall the just-released MagicOS 7.0 system, which brings new functions and applications such as Honor note, Honor clip, YOYO suggestion, Magic text, intelligent Internet and security protection. It not only greatly improves the scene life service experience, but also brings more excellent cross-device intelligent collaborative experience, and it offers mobile office and computer security experience.

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In terms of price, Honor 80 Pro offers three storage versions, 8+256GB for 3,499 yuan; 12+1256GB RMB 3799; 12+512GB, 4099 yuan, will open at 17:00 this afternoon.


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