Huawei Mate X 5G Foldable Screen Announced: Starting Sale at the End of October


Huawei Mate X has already put into mass production and will be listed in the domestic market at the end of this month. However, due to the difficulty of production and low yield, at least the initial supply will not be too much.

At the end of September, Huawei’s official Weibo revealed that Mate X will be released and sold in China in October, and Yu Chengdong later confirmed that Mate X will be listed this year.

As for why Mate X has been delayed for so long, the source pointed out that there are two main reasons. First, Huawei has repeatedly adjusted and lengthened the sturdiness and durability of the Mate X folding screen to ensure that it will not appear after the market. The problem, avoid repeating the mistakes of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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The second reason is that Huawei also conducts an in-depth system and application optimization around the folding screen.

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