Huawei MateStation X First Impression: First i9-12900H Office PC


The new Huawei MateStation X can be said to be the most anticipated new product in this year’s high-end digital products. As an i9 high-performance smart all-in-one machine, it can satisfy your infinite imagination of efficient office work.

The first is the configuration level, which has been greatly upgraded compared to the previous generation. The core chip uses Intel’s 12th-generation Core i9 processor. The evaluation model in this article is the i9-12900H version. It is equipped with 16GB of low-energy and high-speed content, and the hard disk is a 512GB SSD. A higher-capacity storage version is also available. It can meet the needs of high-intensity work, such as editing videos, designing drawings, etc.

In terms of appearance and screen, Huawei MateStation X is basically the same as the previous generation. The screen size is 28.2 inches, the screen ratio is 3:2, the resolution is 4K+ (3840 x 2560), the 10bit color depth, 98% P3 wide color gamut, 500nits brightness, and has also obtained HDR400 certification.

There are three points in particular worth mentioning. First of all, this is a full-screen display with very narrow bezels and a screen-to-body ratio of 92%. In addition, its screen uses suspended glass, which makes it a very strong visual impact. Whether it is a deep office or relaxing entertainment, it can bring users a very immersive visual enjoyment.

The screen supports a 10-point touch. For this reason, Huawei has made 5 layers of AR coating on the screen, which supports anti-glare and anti-fingerprint (fingerprints are easy to erase), so you don’t have to worry about clicking on the screen or others poking at the screen. take care of it.

Secondly, the screen of Huawei MateStation X has passed the dual eye protection certification of TUV Rheinland for low blue light and flicker-free. This is also very important for heavy PC office users. In addition, the thinnest part of the fuselage is less than 1cm, which is not only visually lighter but also can be used with any monitor hanging lamp on the market.

Finally, the integrated metal body, with a pure and simple appearance, is matched with two color schemes of calm and restrained deep space gray and elegant and flexible Haoyue silver. Come.

The all-in-one is equipped with a full-size keyboard, which supports fingerprint unlocking in the upper right corner. It also integrates a calculator, one-key return to the desktop, and smart search shortcut keys, which are very friendly to financial and watchmakers. The keyboard is very thin, but the key travel is relatively long, and the typing feel is comfortable and suitable for high-intensity use. The keyboard noise is very small and will not interfere with the work of surrounding colleagues.

HyperTerminal, you may have seen it in many Huawei product reviews, because it is really important. There are many ways to connect with Huawei MateStation X, such as automatic discovery in the control center in the lower right corner, such as connection in Huawei Computer Manager, such as NFC touch the sensing area on the right side of the keyboard, and wired connection.

The all-in-one machine can also work with the tablet to support mirroring mode, expansion mode, and sharing mode. The mirror mode can be used as a company meeting or a presentation to others, the extended mode can display different content on two screens, and the sharing mode supports dragging and dropping files to each other. In addition to the connection of software and content, it can also expand hardware for each other. For example, painters can use a tablet as a hand-painting board for an all-in-one machine.

After forming a super terminal with Huawei mobile phones and Huawei tablets, you can use multi-screen collaboration, backup mobile phone albums, and share mobile hotspots on the all-in-one machine. It can also form a super terminal with Hongmeng devices such as Huawei printers and Huawei speakers, and control ecological products through an all-in-one machine to complete tasks.

In short, it is possible to control many Huawei-based products on the 28.2-inch large screen of the all-in-one machine without switching hardware devices. The first Lexiang mobile app was launched, and the mobile app was run on the PC

However, as an all-in-one machine evaluation, this article focuses on new features, such as the first time you log in to the Huawei All-in-One machine’s Lexiang mobile app, which realizes compatibility between Windows and mobile apps from the bottom.

Now, when you enter the “Mobile Apps” category of the Huawei App Market, you can see a very rich mobile application, which can be installed directly on the computer, or remotely installed on other Huawei devices under the same account.

At the experience level, users can install applications without a PC version or mobile terminal experience on the all-in-one machine, such as short videos, reviews, news, travel, etc., which can be directly installed on Huawei MateStation X and used on a large screen, most mainstream just-needed software can be used normally.

It is completely connected to the mobile application, which can relieve the pressure of using multi-screen collaboration, and there is no need to connect the mobile phone to run the mobile application. This function is more important for professional work users. Many people work on the PC, but the task output is oriented to the mobile terminal. In the past, frequent physical switching between mobile phones, tablets and PCs can now be focused on all-in-one computers.

Of course, Huawei MateStation X is a central device suitable for the whole family to use in the living room. It is not impossible for other users at home to compare prices on multiple platforms during Double 11, and even play mobile games with an all-in-one computer.

In addition, Huawei introduced gesture control on the notebook to the all-in-one machine. When the hands are inconvenient to touch the keyboard and screen, gesture control can be performed at a distance of 10-60 cm from the all-in-one machine. The implemented functions include page-turning left and right, sliding up and down, and media playback pausing.

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Both value for money and more value for money The review has been very long so far. But it seems to be only one or two answers. There are many aspects that have not been mentioned, such as the internally redesigned shark fin 3.0 cooling system, which can maintain high-intensity work.

For example, a four-microphone array + AI noise reduction + 1080P camera can bring a better experience to video conferences. Another example is the sound system jointly designed by Devialet.

A small summary at the end of the article. In the PC field, there are not many high-end all-in-one machines, but more products that cost a few thousand yuan and compromise cost-effectiveness. It is a good thing for consumers that Huawei can insist on research and development, and give the second choice to high-end business people.

While it’s not cheap, it’s certainly worth the price. And if users can make good use of these high-end configurations and ecological functions to bring greater productivity, it is worth the money.

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