Huawei New Phone Patent Exposed with Camera Under Screen


Huawei recently submitted a patent to the State Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) for the design of a phone that still looks quite innovative, such as using a front-facing, under-facing camera.

The patent maps were submitted by Huawei to China’s State Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) in October 2019 and made public on September 18, 2020. The patent contains 24 design sketches. The front of the body looks very modern, with a full screen design with ultra-narrow bezel and rounded corners. It should be a camera under the screen.

The patent diagram shows three different designs, one at the top left, one at the middle, and one at the top right. But the camera’s layout is the same, with four cameras arranged in a cross around an LED flash and a square lens at the bottom, indicating it’s a zoom camera. The other three camera lenses are the same size.

Before that, there is a new patent map was exposed, huawei positive as the basic, the difference is the back camera design, namely the rear mobile phone camera, five diamond on the whole, there are three variants “model”, the three phone rear camera position is different, the mobile phone in the upper left, one in the middle of the fuselage top, another is located in the upper right corner.

It’s also worth noting that the five rear cameras are not the same size: the first four are the same size, and the fifth is slightly smaller. There is a round LED flash next to the camera. Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t reveal much about the phone’s camera configuration.


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