Huawei Nova 20 Pro with Snapdragon 8+: A Performance King


Today’s news reported that blogger Wangzai Beshitong broke the exciting news that the upcoming Huawei nova 20 Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip. This chip is set to make the nova 20 Pro the most powerful mobile phone in the history of the nova series. This is a significant advancement as compared to the Snapdragon 778G that was equipped with the previous generation nova 10 Pro.

The performance of the Huawei Nova 20 Pro is greatly enhanced by the use of the Snapdragon 8+ as compared to the Snapdragon 778G. The AnTuTu score of the Snapdragon 778G was around 500,000 points, whereas the Snapdragon 8+ is capable of achieving 1.1 million points. This is a major leap in performance. Furthermore, the Snapdragon 8+ adopts TSMC’s 4nm process, and its CPU frequency reaches 3.0GHz, which is a significant improvement over the Snapdragon 778G which adopted TSMC’s 6nm process and had a CPU frequency of 2.4GHz.

The Snapdragon 8+ not only offers improved performance but also supports the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine. This engine is designed to provide up to 20% energy efficiency improvement and fully empower advanced AI use cases. This engine will allow the nova 20 Pro to provide an intuitive and in-depth interactive experience.

The Snapdragon 8+ also supports the latest Snapdragon Sight imaging technology, which includes advanced features such as 8K HDR video recording. This technology is capable of elevating the smartphone video shooting experience to a new level, allowing for the capturing of over 1 billion colors in the top-of-the-line HDR10+ format. This feature will make the nova 20 Pro a game-changer in the smartphone industry.

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