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The Huawei Nova series, which targets young people, has launched new products. This time it is a smart flagship that brings new technology and new designs to everyone. Nova star has always been a group of young people who are pursuing the trend, and they are self-portraits. Huawei Nova 4 is no exception. It is designed for the needs of young people. At the same time, the new pole screen can be said to be a prominent selling point of this phone. Then let’s take a look at how this phone performs.

Design & Appearance

Huawei’s largest appearance in the appearance of the Nova 4 is the “pole screen”. In order to solve the problem of the front camera, Huawei has a blind hole with a diameter of 4.5mm on the mobile phone screen. The innovative screen camera technology makes the whole The screen is seamless. This is also for the full screen to consider, 6.4-inch screen, screen ratio of 19.25:9, resolution of 2310*1080, screen ratio of up to 91.8%.

The front screen is made of LCD material, and the surrounding borders have been narrow enough to achieve the ultimate screen ratio. At the same time, the hidden LED breathing light, micro-slit earpiece and hidden ambient light sensor make the frame above the screen only 1.85mm, achieving a breakthrough in screen ratio.

After reading the front, let’s take a look at the back of the Nova 4. Huawei nova 4 inherits the high-value design of the Nova series. It uses the same glass body as the Nova 3 and the vertical camera distribution. The value is very high. The new color of the honey red we got, using a two-layer coating process, can reflect very beautiful colors under the light.

The middle frame part also adopts a delicate arc transition, and the grip in the hand is even better. The bottom of the fuselage is a microphone, Type-C interface, and speaker, the top is a 3.5mm headphone jack, distance light sensor, and noise reduction mic. The 3.5mm headphone jack has been reserved. For some headphone enthusiasts, it will be more convenient for game lovers.

Hardware & Performance

Performance has not been a prominent selling point of the Nova series, but on the Nova 4, we also saw the support of the Kirin 970 processor. The performance of this processor is unquestionable, and the flagship chip has the best performance. At the same time, a separate NPU is built into the Kirin 970 processor, which has an excellent level of AI processing and computing capabilities.

This Kirin 970 processor supports AI’s mobile architecture and is better able to perform AI computing tasks with approximately 25 times performance and 50 times performance. In terms of AI processing, more powerful performance and more powerful processing efficiency are applied to image recognition, photo recognition, and smart scenes, which brings a better experience.

Huawei nova 4 also has 8GB of large memory and 128GB of storage space, fully meet the needs of users.

Mobile games are one of the favorite entertainment methods for young people, and they are also an aspect of the challenge of mobile phone performance. When testing the two popular games of “Glory of the King” and “Stimulus Battlefield” on Huawei nova 4, it may be because of the engineering machine, the software adaptation is not comprehensive, and the game frame rate is the highest in “Glory of the King”. It can reach 50 frames, and the “Stimulus Battlefield” is 30 frames. Perhaps a brand new screen display ratio, the game needs to be adapted, and the next version should reach a better level.

However, the game experience is quite good. First of all, for the FPS design game, retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack means that the wired headphones can be used to achieve delay-free sound feedback, better to distinguish the enemy’s position. And the headset does not need the same interface as the charging and can be charged while playing the game.

During the game, the frame rate of the entire mobile phone is quite stable, with no obvious framerate fluctuations. In the group battle scene of “Glory of the King”, even if many skills are released at the same time, the frame rate can be more stable output. The biggest challenge of Stimulating the Battlefield is to quickly render the surrounding environment while driving. At these times, the phone can also run more stable.


Photographing has always been the advantage of the Nova series, and the Huawei nova 4 is no exception, with a stronger hardware and software for better display.

The front is a 25-megapixel front-facing camera, and the design of the camera under the screen does not affect the level of the front-facing “poster-level” self-timer. Through the built-in NPU of the processor, it is possible to carry out AI smart beauty, and perform targeted beauty optimization for each person’s facial structure, so that the self-timer effect is better and more natural.

Huawei nova 4 has two versions, we get the top version, the rear camera has a 48 Megapixel main camera, 16 Megapixel super wide-angle cameras and a 2 Megapixel depth of field camera, bringing more Good photo experience.

With a 48-megapixel main camera, you can have higher resolution and more beautiful details when taking photos. By default, it is a four-in-one super-sampling zoom that outputs 12-megapixel photos. In the professional mode, you can shoot and output 48 megapixels of photos.

It is also worth noting that a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera has been added to the rear three-shot. This camera has a wide angle of 117 ° and a large aperture of F2.2, which can have a wider view of the camera. At the same time, the powerful AI performance of the Kirin 970 processor also provides distortion correction for the shooting of super wide-angle photos, and the shooting effect is better.

The advantage of the wide-angle camera in taking pictures in our daily lives is very obvious. For example, when you are playing, you want to put a wider natural scenery into the photos. The ultra-wide-angle camera can almost double the size of the normal mode. When a group of people is photographed, all the people can be included in the picture within a relatively short distance.

Under the powerful AI performance blessing, the mobile phone can recognize the captured scenes when taking pictures, and make targeted adjustments, intelligent optimization, and it is very beautiful to take a shot.

Support for the super night scene function, when shooting night scene photos, you can take multiple photos under different exposures in long exposure mode, and then combine them, so that you can suppress the highlights in the night scene photos, and the details of the dark parts are also Can have more reservations. The night photo effect can’t be the same as the Huawei Mate 20 series, but it can also be regarded as the leading level in the industry.

The portrait mode is more accurate

In addition, in some details, Huawei nova 4 will display a white screen on the front screen when shooting at night, so that it can fill the face with a ring-filled light effect, and the self-timer is more convenient. In the portrait mode, the background blur algorithm can also perform the map accurately, and the silhouette details of the portrait are excellent.

New System: Newly Upgraded EMUI 9

On the system side, Huawei nova 4 adopts the latest Android P-based EMUI 9 system, which is the first product of the Nova series upgrade to Android P. In the new system, a new full-screen gesture has been added, and the screen is returned to the desktop, and the screen is returned on both sides of the screen. The multi-tasking on the slide and hover is more convenient and more suitable for a full-screen mobile phone.

The new mobile phone UI has more design and optimization in terms of smart scenarios. Voice Assistant Xiaoyi, a word to help you carry out mobile phone operations, free your hands. In the smart scenario, a variety of everyday functions are built into the negative screen of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone is more convenient to use.


Huawei Nova 4 has a 3750mAh battery built in, which escorts the phone in terms of battery life. In our 3 hour battery test (1 hour 1080P online video playback, 30 minutes brush microblogging, 30 minutes brushing sound, 30 minutes “King of glory”, 30 minutes “stimulus battlefield”), Huawei nova 4 performance belongs to On the upper level, it is better than most recent mobile phones in terms of battery life.

In terms of charging, the standard is the charger that supports up to 18W fast charge. It can charge about 85% of the battery in one hour, and the charging speed is also very strong.

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Huawei has always called the Nova series users nova stars. This group of young people likes to play, likes cool, and likes the latest technology. Huawei Nova 4 fully meets these requirements. The more cool appearance, the powerful performance, and the excellent shooting are enough to make Nova 4 the new favorite of nova stars. The innovative pole screen design is also in the full-screen tide of this year’s blossoms and has a new design idea. Whether pole screens can become the mainstream of the industry, but also need to be counted by consumers after the product goes on the market. Right now Geekbuying sells NOVA 4 8GB + 128GB – Blue at $615.99 with the coupon code:  JJODQDIM

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