Huawei P60 Series Specs: Equipped with IMX888 Main Camera


As its main camera series, the image specifications of the Huawei P60 have been attracting attention, and today’s blogger brought us news in this regard.

According to the blogger, the currently known Huawei P60 series engineering machine will be equipped with a Sony IMX888 main camera, an IMX858 ultra-wide-angle lens, and an OV64B telephoto lens that supports 3.5X optical zoom.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei P60 series is likely to be the first model of the Sony IMX888 sensor. The blogger said that the cropped pixel specifications are different.

Not only that, the P60 series will also support variable aperture lenses. This technology has been installed on the previous Mate50 series. Through the ten-speed freely adjustable physical variable aperture, you can obtain more flexible blur effects.

Combined with the previous news, the P60 is expected to use the IMX789 sensor main camera, while the Huawei P60 Pro uses the IMX888 sensor, both of which are 1/1.4-inch outsoles.

There was news in the supply chain that Huawei will launch two flagships this year, one is the P60 series, and the other is the Mate 60 series. The former is expected to be released around March this year, and the latter around September. It is reported that the P60 flagship series is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip.

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