Innobar S3 Disposable Pod Review: Comes with 650mAH, 5000 puffs, Type C


The Innobar S3 Disposable Pod is furnished with Aquios water-based vaping advancement. Likewise, It accompanies the magnificent plan which conveys to everybody that this is awesome for all. Also, It comes with an excellent design. let’s review it.


The design is compact . It accompanies the lightweight. Additionally, It has an estimation of 24.1*24.1*115.2mm. Innobar S3 has a limit of 12ml with the 1.0ohm Cross section KAL curl. The nicotine accompanies the 50mg/ml which is great. Innobar s3 is effectively fit in your pocket as well as effectively convey to anywhere. It has a huge battery of 650mah which is truly enduring.

Innobar S3 Disposable Pod Innobar S3 Disposable Pod


Lets discuss Innobar S3 Dispensable Case. It will handily give you the 500 puffs with the tremendous immense 12ml e-liquid breaking point. Additionally, for a wide range of vapers, this is actually a whole multi-day stretch of direction. The Innobar S3 uses 3.6V consistent outcome, giving you an anticipated vaping experience from the chief puff of a recently charged battery, right up to this point is the ideal opportunity to recharge. Likewise, it accompanies 6 unique which are great, and water-based flavors you won’t ever anticipate. It has worked on a quality items.

Innobar S3 Disposable Pod Innobar S3 Disposable Pod


Innobar S3 Disposable Pod is another best vape that gives you the long last battery and more mists arround 500puffs. It has minimized size. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? You can without much of a stretch purchase this from innokin Authorities.


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