INNOKIN Coolfire Z60 Vs. Sceptre 2 Comparison Review


INNOKIN is a brand that is known for manufacturing vape devices with premium specifications and designs. Most users of the INNOKIN Coolfire Z60 and the INNOKIN Sceptre 2 would appreciate the features, build quality ( design ), and specifications of these vape devices.


In terms of design, the Coolfire Z60 is made from a high-grade zinc alloy material that achieves high durability, lightweight, and comfortable handling experience. On the other hand, the Sceptre 2 adopts a smaller design than the first model. It is also made from high-grade zinc alloy making it durable and handy. Both models of vape device from INNOKIN offers vapers a premium user feeling.

design comparison

One of the notable specs of the INNOKIN Coolfire Z60 is the long-lasting 2500mAh battery equipped on this device. Although comparison, the 1400mAh battery powering the Sceptre 2 can not be compared to the big battery equipped on the Coolfire Z60.


Looking at the coil embedded in both vape pods, the Coolfire Z60 vape pod is compatible with all Z- coils in order to deliver a verse range of vaping experiences. Coolfire Z60 features a wide range of transparent e-liquid tank capacity that fits your needs ( 2ml, 3ml, and 4.5ml ). While the Sceptre 2 has two e-liquid tank capacity ( 2ml and 3ml ) options for buyers to choose from.


Both models of vape devices from INNOKIN have RDL and MTL adjuments abilities. The specifications, design, and price of these vape pods are different as they are different models of vape devices, but from the same manufacturer.


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