iPhone 11 Concept Render With Pop-Up Dual Selfie Camera and 6 Rear Cameras


Smartphones such as Apple‘s iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max have not been well designed compared to the previous generation of mobile phones due to design factors such as form factor and hardware, and the price is high, which leads to a decline in sales. And now many mobile phones are no longer imitating the Notched design of iPhone XS, and have their own unique comprehensive screen design.

Recently a concept creator releases a conceptual render of iPhone 11. In this concept, the successor of iPhone X uses a retractable camera design that completely subverts the appearance of the iPhone XS in the minds of consumers.

The iPhone 11 will feature a dual 24MP retractable camera design. Although this design has been adopted first on the OV phone, it is still the first time on the iPhone 11. On this telescopic lens, the iPhone 11 is designed with a front dual camera and speakers. At present, the speaker design is in the telescopic module, which means that it is necessary to start the speaker every time the answered the call.

In addition, the rear camera of the iPhone 11 is designed inside the telescopic lens. When the telescopic lens is opened, the rear camera will work. However, from the concept, its rear camera has been designed with 6 lenses, 4 are large and 2 of them are small lenses. At present, the number of rear cameras has become a trend in mobile phones. With 4 rear cameras, Smartphone has already appeared, and it is not impossible to launch a Smartphone with 6 cameras in the future.

At present, from the perspective of the concept, the design of the iPhone 11 has reached the highest design of the full screen, and the surrounding borders are completely invisible. According to the design given by the render, the iPhone 11 has achieved the degree of the design of the screen frame and the full glass material of the body, instead of the glass frame design.

However, at present, it is very difficult to make the whole device completely glass without any metal. First, the fragile characteristics of the glass will make the maintenance cost of the iPhone 11 very high.

The hardware configuration of the iPhone 11 is said to be equipped with an A13 bionic processor coupled with 6GB and up to 1TB internal storage, support for various wireless technologies such as wireless charging. do you think the concept render of iPhone 11 is beautiful? If it will actually on sale in accordance with the concept, will you support and buy it? share your feedback in the comments section below.

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