iPhone 15 Ultra Renderings Leaked like MI 13


Recently, with the release of Mi 13, there has been a lot of discussion about rectangular bezels.

This trend, started by iPhone 12 series, has swept almost all Android vendors, including Samsung.

However, after actually getting a hold of  Mi 13, many netizens said that the hand feel is much better than expected, because the glass back shell on the back of the edge of the 2.5D design, the grip is much softer than iPhone and the like.

Interestingly, a set of renderings of iPhone 15 Ultra, which features a similar design on its back, have recently been released overseas.

As you can see from the image, the overall design of the iPhone 15 Ultra remains the same as previous models, and the glass on the back seems to have been slightly thickened, thanks to a similar 2.5D glass effect on the edges of the Mi 13, which makes it feel better in the hand.

However, it should be noted that many netizens pointed out that such a shape has a plummeting texture compared to the completely right-angled shape. Although the feel is a compromise, the appearance gap is very big, and it is even worse than the design of iPhone X and iPhone 11 series directly.

In addition to this change, the camera is also different from the contemporary, no longer the overall bulge, combined with the glass back thicker, which is reasonable.

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The left side of the lens has a long opening below it. This is the hidden telephoto lens mentioned by many sources, which can greatly enhance the iPhone’s long-range shooting effect.


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