iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition Vs Redmi K60 Specs Review Comparison


This year’s Redmi K60 does not seem to be as fragrant as before. At least the overall performance of the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition, which is not much different in price, is more balanced than the Redmi K60. Whether it is a game party or daily use, the performance is good! Therefore, I am more optimistic about the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition of these two models.

1. Processor

Although the two models are both Snapdragon 8+ processors manufactured by TSMC, their performance is powerful and their power consumption is also much more stable, and the reputation of users is still good. However, the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition also has an independent display chip Pro. The recent generations of the Neo series are equipped with independent display chips as standard, and the game frame rate and stability optimization have been improved.

Secondly, the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition also supports dual pressure sensitivity and dual X-axis motors under the screen and even won the title of the designated phone for the popular mobile game college league, so in terms of game experience alone, the racing version is much better!

2. Screen quality

The screen is the strength of the Redmi K60. It adopts the 2K flexible screen of China Star Optoelectronics, supports 12bit, 3200X1440 resolution, high-frequency PWM dimming, etc. The overall quality of the screen is relatively strong.

Although the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition is not as good as the Redmi K60 in terms of resolution and color, it uses Samsung E5 material, which has certain advantages in brightness and power consumption and supports 2000Hz instantaneous touch control, which is another plus for the gaming experience.

3. Camera Testing

There is one thing to say, even if it is a model with a price of $300, don’t have too many expectations in terms of camera quality, but the performance of the racing version will be slightly better in comparison.

The biggest difference in lens configuration between the two models is the main camera. The Redmi K60 uses a 64MP OV64B main camera, which supports OIS optical image stabilization. Although the Neo 7 Racing Edition has only a 50MP main camera, the Samsung GN5 sensor lens is larger in size, which can bring more sufficient image stabilization. The amount of light, and the imaging quality will naturally be better!

4. Battery and Charging

Both models have their own advantages in terms of battery and charging. The Redmi K60 has a larger built-in battery, and the battery life will be slightly better, and it supports 30W wireless charging; while the iQOO phone has a 5000mAh battery with 120W wired flash charging, and the charging speed is faster.

In fact, the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition is a model that rivals the Redmi K60. Although the two phones have their own advantages and disadvantages, the overall performance of the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition will be more balanced, especially for those who love to play games. For most users, this model is almost the first choice.

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