iQOO Neo 7 VS Redmi K50 Ultra Quick Comparison Review


Today we are comparing iQOO Neo 7 and Redmi K50 Ultra are relatively competitive models in the same price range. Among them, the Redmi K50Ultra is more cost-effective, especially for Double Eleven pre-sale as low as 2,500 yuan. In terms of experience, iQOO Neo 7 is stronger, so iQOO can be the first to pay attention to the game experience!


The two models represent the flagship chips of Qualcomm and MediaTek respectively, and they are all made by TSMC, with strong performance and power consumption, but Qualcomm will optimize the image better. However, iQOO Neo7 also has an independent display chip Pro+, which can bring better game picture quality under the effect of game frame insertion!

In addition, iQOO Neo 7 also supports dual pressure sense under the screen, which makes the game more maneuverable. It also has symmetrically distributed dual X-axis motors and closed dual speakers. The game has more additional attributes, and the experience will naturally be better!


Both iQOO Neo 7 and Redmi K50Ultra are flexible straight screens, and each has its own advantages! iQOO Neo7 is made of Samsung E5 material, with better brightness and power consumption; while Redmi K50 Ultra has a higher resolution, which can reach 1.5K levels, and supports 12bit color depth, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which is more eye-friendly!


In terms of image function, the biggest difference between the two models is the rear main camera. The Redmi K50Ultra uses Samsung’s 100-megapixel main camera and supports OIS optical image stabilization; while the iQOO Neo 7 is a 50-megapixel main camera with a higher specification Sony IMX766V sensor.

Which also supports OIS optical image stabilization, and the Neo series The camera training has always been good, so the performance of the iQOO Neo7 will be slightly better in terms of the main camera alone, but the front lens of the Redmi K50 Ultra will be slightly better!


In terms of battery and charging, both models have a tacit choice of 5000mAh with 120W super flash charge, which is a good combination for both battery life and fast charge, and the weight and thickness of the two models are also well controlled!

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In short, for users who love to play games, iQOO Neo7 is definitely a better choice, and although this model has just been released, the price is not high, and it is a good choice for games or photography! The Redmi K50 Ultra has been released for a while. At present, the discount is relatively large, the starting price may be cheaper, and the whole machine is relatively balanced, suitable for users who pay attention to cost performance!

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