Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the Best Choice for Millennials?


Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via Facebook 

After the battery incident of the Galaxy Note 7, which led the device to be discontinued, Samsung has been more careful with the products which followed. The company has put extra effort into refining every last detail of its main line, which has resulted in a couple of excellent phones since the 2016 incident. The latest offering, the Note 9, could be the best phone on the market right now and is the ideal choice for millennials who need their device to perform a wide range of tasks.

Smartphones have got to a stage where they can perform a lot of the same tasks as a computer, which is perfect for people who usually do a lot of work from their laptop screen. Samsung appreciate this, which is why the Note 9 is one of the biggest smartphones ever made. The Infinity Display is 6.4 inches and curves around the edges of the device. This makes it seem even bigger than it is, and means navigating the screen is easy. The color reproduction and brightness are also impressive, and everything in view is crystal clear. Playing games on this device is arguably visually better than through some laptops, which is why a lot of games are now primarily geared towards smartphones. Millennials enjoy pick-up-and-play games like slots, and titles like Wins of Fortune and Viking Runecraft at look particularly good when played on the Note 9.

The S-Pen is one of the unique features of this phone which sets it apart from its main rival the iPhone. In the past, the S-Pen had been a simple tool for drawing or writing on the screen, but now Samsung has upgraded it in a number of ways. The current version has Bluetooth capabilities and a button which can be tapped to perform certain tasks such as taking a photo. This will appeal to millennials who constantly take photos and post them to social media sites on a daily basis. As for the camera, the offering on the Note 9 has the ability to take photos which are 30 ft. away from the S-Pen. This means that you can get a good group shot with your friends and simply press the button on the pen to take the photo.

The main appeal, though, is the highly superior battery life, which is unrivaled by any other smartphone on the market. The Note 9 has a 4000mAh battery which is equal to a 14.2 percent bigger capacity than the S9 Plus and 33.3 percent bigger than the S9. Even the heaviest phone users will be surprised that the battery on this phone lasts all day.

There’s no denying that the Note 9 is a seriously bulky phone but the things that it can do make up for its slightly awkward size. For millennials who live their lives from their smartphones, this offering from Samsung has it all. For photos, social media updates, gaming and chatting, the Note 9 is the perfect phone for the youngsters of today.


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