JJRC X7 RC Drone Review: Double GPS 5G WiFi 1080P FPV Quadcopter For Just $127.99 Gearbest


JJRC X7 is an economic drone equipped with an adjustable 5G WiFi 1080P tilt camera, which can be driven through the dedicated application thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a quadcopter suitable for beginners, for the low cost and ease of use. Discover in this article the main features, functions, and price of the JJRC X7 Drone.


The JJRC X7 drone is a compact quadcopter ( 23.70 x 27.10 x 7.60 cm ) and low weight about 480g. It is built in the classic ABS-Type Plastic, The design of the JJRC X7 is minimalistic with smooth lines. There are two colors to choose from black and White. Build quality is good, the body is hard and looks reliable. The landing legs are of very interesting shape. Instead of the usual location under the engines, they seem to continue them and smoothly turn into legs. This design approach makes it more cumbersome.

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Advanced 5G WiFi with 1080P Gimbal Camera 720P FPV, the image is sharper; the camera can be tilted 90° with the remote control, allowing us to get more angle images. 5G wifi transmission ensures high-quality real-time video – ideals for the selfie. Its build-in 1080P WiFi camera will let you take pictures in HD quality. It can transmit 720P HD video in real time and you can record with your smartphones or tablets. It’s 120-degree wide angle camera and you can adjust your camera lens between 0 to 90 degree to take photos more accurately in different angles. Its HD WiFi camera will give you amazing performance with the powerful wifi and controlling support.

To top the specs the new X7 Smart will provide an estimated flight time up to 25 minutes by using a large 2S 2600 LiPo battery and smart flight modes such as RTH and flight plan by using a dedicated app for it. Another good thing about it is the fact that it will come with a regular transmitter included in the package so it will boost control range and precision, while the mobile phone can be used as a WiFi FPV monitor and app control for setting up various parameters.


The JJRC X7 Drone is perfect for beginners who want to approach the world of drones at a reduced cost, strong simplicity of use and guaranteed fun. You can buy it from Gearbest at $127.99 in Flash Sale…


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