JUDE HANNYA AIRTOK Pod Kit Review: Authentic Innovation


Jude Hannya Airtok is a super product launched by the Jude family after the success of the previous Hannya Nano. In this comeback, Jude brings a product with high mobility and a design that is very popular recently.


Jude Hannya AirTok vape pod with a cigarette lighter-like design with flip cap solves the problem most users face in that the oil pod is easily contaminated after being exposed to bags, air, and different environments for a while. long, at the same time, it can also resist breakage and minimize wear. The Hannya AirTok Jude tries to give vapers cleaner usability, and the addition of a pop-up cap really takes care of the hygiene issue. The strap and silicone loop on the body makes the Jude Hannya AirTok pod kit can be hung on your chest completely hands-free, or you can even hang it in your pocket or anywhere as a very attractive decoration. eye


The Jude Hannya AirTok pod system series also offers users an uplifting experience thanks to a smoother and lighter taste, improved flavor levels, and realism compared to previous models. The pop-up pod machine has really solved the hygiene problem for vapers. The Hannya Airtok pod is relatively similar to the previous Hannya Nano pod, the only difference is that it is made completely transparent to synchronize with the design of the body.

The oil capacity of the Airtok pod is 2ml and has an extremely convenient side-loading mechanism. The most popular and modern anime style comes with MTL and DTL pumping systems. You don’t have to worry about liquid leakage because Jude has made a coil to solve the problem of liquid leakage. or seep out very well with impact strength The lid is designed for cleanliness in use. And there is also a rope hanging around the neck.

Hannya Airtok continues to use the new 1.0Ω mesh coil, an improved version of the old coil. This coil will help conserve battery life and provide a vape experience that lasts more than a day. The 1.0Ω coil also improves aroma and taste like never before. Specialized 1.0ohm pod, specialized for MTL vaping, with a 2ml tank capacity that can be suitable for both nicotine salts and fruits. Not only MTL, but vapers can also try DTL vaping.


The Jude Hannya AirTok has a 650mAh internal battery, which is more than enough for a day of vaping. At the same time, the AIRTOK Pod is also equipped with a fast charging function, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes, ensuring your journey is worry-free. Airtok’s capacity is stable to maintain perfect vaping all the time.


Under Jude Hannya Airtok one would like to call it bright, stylish, and youthful. The most suitable for use on the beach is when you can close the lid and, without fear of sand getting into the mouthpiece, go to play volleyball. During a dull autumn or winter, such a colorful design can evoke warm feelings in you, but it can also repel you with its appearance, especially if you are a supporter of more traditional and restrained solutions. if you want to check out more details about Hannya Airtok, check out their official website.

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