Kospet Magic 2s Smartwatch Comes with Full of Features and Great Build Quality


Kospet is a manufacturer of smartwatches that entered the market right from the start with its ‘Hope’, a smartwatch that brought with it 3GB of RAM, a large OLED screen, camera, among other things. Subsequently, we also had the Kospet Prime, which in addition to all this, also brought a front camera for video calls and facial recognition. However, as you can imagine, a device with all these ‘extras’, will always be a little expensive, even considering that Kospet has always had competitive prices in relation to the other rivals. So, it’s time to welcome the Kospet Magic 2s after the success of Magic 2, a cheap watch, but full of features and great build quality.

The Kospet Magic 2s features a 1.3″ full-colour IPS touch panel with a wonderful 360 x 360-pixel resolution and 2.5D rounded edges, so you can check all the information in perfect quality even at a 178º angle. You won’t have to keep your smartphone close by to read your notifications and messages or see who’s calling you at any given time. Of course, you can also check there your training data, or even set a countdown. It has a sporty design that is not at all robust, as it is only 8mm thick. Magic 2s has a round case and includes a side button that will allow us to comfortably unlock the screen. It is made of a high-quality metal alloy, lightweight (weighs only 65 grams) and resistant at the same time.

On the other hand, its silicone strap is perfect for daily wear and/or exercise, both for comfort and appearance. However, you can replace its 22 mm strap to adapt it to different situations. In our catalogue, you will find a wide variety of straps; As well as in the related articles of this product. Thanks to its IP67 certification, Kospet Magic 2s is waterproof. So you no longer have to worry about sweat, rain or washing your hands in it – even water sports! Select the Swim Mode to analyse your achievements in this activity. However, we recommend not to immerse it in pools of saltwater, bubbles or very hot water. It is also not valid for use in saunas or deep water.

In addition, the Kospet Magic 2s has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Synchronise it with your smartphone and take advantage of all its features; Such as transferring all the data recorded in your smartwatch to the mobile application (it is compatible with Android and iOs), to take the progression of your routine, generate statistics and meet objectives. With the Kospet Magic 2s, it will also be like having your personal trainer with you at all times. Because, in addition to your health, you’ll be able to monitor your entire daily activity. The watch Magic 2s counts your steps, distance travelled and calories burned. Adapting these measurements to the sport you’re doing at any given time thanks to the different activity modes. To be exact, the Kospet Magic 2s includes 40 sport modes, which are sure to be your favourites!

The Kospet Magic 2s provides monitoring of both heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level. In this way, we will get a complete reference for our state of health to optimise our training; Although we should never take it as a medical diagnosis. In addition, thanks to its various sensors and an advanced system of algorithms; Kospet Magic 2s gives you approximate data on your fitness; Such as body mass index, basal metabolism, fat level, the total weight of your muscles, etc. A too sedentary life is not good for your physical condition either, so the Kospet Magic 2s will send you a warning when you’ve been inactive for too long.


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