Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch Rugged 30 Days 20 Sports Modes in $31.99 @Gearbest Sale (Ends in 4 Days)


Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch can be utilized in unforgiving conditions, it meets the quality necessities for three sorts of insurance: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and it has breezed through thorough lab assessments. This smartwatch is intends for an assortment of open-air sports.

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Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch

Design and Display

The Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch is outfits with around 1.3-inch TFT screen with a goal of 320 x 320 pixels. It is conceivable to change the presence of the fundamental screen to one of 50 unique dial alternatives. The presentation of the Raptor is taken care of by the nRF52832 processor joined with 64KB of RAM and 64MB of ROM. The watch is associated with cell phones running Android and iOS by means of Bluetooth 4.0. Da Fit application is utilized to combine and sync information.

Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch

Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch has a weight of 47g. It is surprisingly light to wear and won’t cause pressure on the wrist. At the point when you are depleted, the watch won’t become a weight. Also, The Kospet Raptor lash receives a perspiration porous TPU tie, which is skin-accommodating and agreeable and can withstand the disintegration of sweat. The inward perspiration manage configuration permits the Kospet Raptor to keep the wrist dry and not clingy during exercise.

Kospet Raptor utilizes a 1.3-inch top quality goal screen. Also, permitting you to plainly observe the substance of the watch faces even outside. Supports lifting your wrist to illuminate the screen. At the point when you are working out, you don’t have to free your hands, just tenderly raise your wrist to awaken the screen.

Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch


The Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch works for open-ai. Also, there is no big surprise why Kospet accompanies in any event 20 games mode. It has a few lively and wellness exercises with extra outside exercises. The smartwatch has running, strolling, skiing, swimming, b-ball, football, badminton, rugby, baseball, trail running, open-air cycling, tennis, golf, bowling, hand weights, sit-ups, paddling machine, circular machine, free preparing, and mountaineering.

Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch

On the off chance that you are worries about your wellbeing, the smartwatch has all day, everyday pulse checking. Blood oxygen observing just as programmed movement following calorie and separation following. It additionally has an inactive update, rest observing checking your rest from the time you sleep, profound and light rest to the time you wake – up.

Generally, the smartwatch is an extraordinary accomplice for wellbeing and wellness preparation. Stacked with the fundamental capacities and highlights. The Kospet Raptor smartwatch accompanies a call and message warnings are additionally having an alert, climate, music control, clocks, and then some. Get your smartwatch more customized with at any rate 50 unique UI watch faces. This watch faces have that Kospet feel and look and more elegant and with a lot of choices to browse. Pick from an assortment of watch faces that suit your character.


I think an element that is missing to make it an all-out outside smartwatch is the implicit GPS. GPS right now I believe is an unquestionable requirement for an outside wearable giving a guide direction of your open-air exercises. Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch is easily available at Gearbest at $31.99.

Ends in 4 days


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