Kugoo 6th Anniversary Sale is Here !! All Electric Bikes In Cheapest Cost


Kugoo brings you the best deals on its Kugoo 6th anniversary. It is the most trusted E-Bike brand which gives you excellent products for their consumers. Also, This sale brings more discounted deals you ever imagined. So, let’s start to talk about them.

Kugoo 6th Anniversary

KUGOO G-Max electric bicycle

KUGOO G-Max electric bicycle is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, so it’s definitely not hard to move beyond a part of the potholes and little Obstacles. It is equipped with a stunning 500W motor that is unbelievable enough to climb 15-degree inclines.

This bicycle stuns us with its arrangement with a screen facilitated into the upper bit of the handlebar and a LED spotlight furthermore embedded in the skeleton. The KUGOO G-Max has a structure open in dim or diminish with pieces of red, the handlebar houses a hung system to alter its height and grants it to overlay. The greatness of 20 Kg, a fairly high figure for its merged structure of magnesium and steel, with a generally outrageous, allowed weight of up to 100 Kg.

Kugoo 6th Anniversary

KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro Electric Bike

If you are looking for quality, without demolishing your money related arrangement. Likewise, You should look at this KUGOO KIRIN M4 genius. It is made from brilliant steel, and it is outfitted with an amazing 500-watt focus point motor. As opposed to other electric bicycles accessible, this one has the motor in the back. This gives an unrivaled push feeling rather than drag like by virtue of obsolete units.

Kugoo 6th Anniversary

As ought to be evident in the photos, KUGOO KIRIN M4 Folding Electric Scooter has an essentially rough terrain plan. With a sheltered underside made of aluminum, and awe-inspiring 10 ″ wheels with conveys to have the choice to continue ahead any surface. weighs is 22.5 kg, and has a secondary lounge that will help you with being significantly more pleasant on your trips. It furthermore has two brake circles and a twofold protect with spring on the two wheels. It is moreover basic to include how to complete its handlebar is. Where we find an organized beginning key and lock, an enlivening switch. Likewise, a LED board with all the vehicle information lives. It has three driving modes, mounts a LED front light in the lower locale, side light strips as a flasher, and another backdrop illumination to grow our detectable quality.

Kugoo G2 Pro Electric bicycle

It is ideal for city and unpleasant landscape driving. The bicycle has extraordinary properties – a mind-blowing motor, an immense battery, radiant suspension, and circle brakes. G2 Pro premium Folding Electric Scooter at a moderate expense is outfitting with everything required for a pleasant ride for a rider.

Kugoo 6th Anniversary

Kugoo G2 PRO Folding Electric Scooter

It is is a splendid instance of a pleasant arrangement to the tiniest detail. Incredible materials, checked edge parts license the bicycle to look clean, strong, and intense! It will pull in energized looks from passers-by. KUGOO G2 PRO Folding Electric Scooter in the class of rough terrain electric bicycles. The essential competitors of G2 PRO are all the more exorbitant analogs that don’t have near advances. The rule segment – the 800W wheel motor will be made in Germany and is 100% Premium quality.


The new Kugoo ES2 displays 8.5-inch wrangles 350-watt electric motor, which can hit up to 30 km/h. With alone charge, the battery can outperform 25 kilometers. The most outrageous driver weight is as much as 120 kilograms. The characteristic brakes are electric through the plates. The tire itself is unequivocally planned to give it a predominant handle on the ground. Additionally, The association parades that it is similarly expecting for wet driving. Clearly, the front and back LEDs are fitted simply like the brake lights, and you’ll venerate the side lighting.

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Kugoo 6th anniversary is here. It brings the latest and extraordinary discount price. You can easily find all kugoo electric bikes in this sale. So, what are you waiting for Come and Grab all these offers at the cheapest cost at Geekbuying.


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