KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter Review: A 350W Motor LED Display Screen scooter(Coupon Included)


The Kugoo company does not cease to please with novelties. Here is another 2019 city electric scooter – the Kugoo ES2 with an original, stylish, modern design. It is universal, as it is suitable for children (from 10 years old), and adults, and girls, and men. You have already read the reviews of Kugoo S1 and Kugoo S1 PRO. Both scooters offered decent quality despite the very low price. However, they were not without some shortcomings that are not to be found in the new model:

The new Kugoo ES2 is a more advanced version of this very popular collapsible electric roofer located in warehouses in Europe. Like the previous one, this model is also available on the Geekbuying webshop, and at the end of the article we discover a bunch of useful coupon codes.

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Buy KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter for $429.99

This is one of the lightest electric scooters in the Kugoo line at the moment. Its weight is only 15.5 kg. This means that it is easy to carry if necessary, especially convenient if the scooter needs to be brought to the floor.

The new Kugoo ES2 boasts 8.5-inch wheels and a 350-watt electric motor, which can hit up to 30 km / h. With a single charge, the battery can exceed 25 kilometers and the maximum driver weight is up to 120 kilograms. The built-in brakes are electric through the discs, and the tire itself is specifically designed to give it a better grip on the ground, and the company boasts that it is also intended for wet driving. Of course, the front and rear LEDs are fitted as well as the brake lights, and you’ll love the side lighting.

In addition, Kugoo ES-2 is very compact, if folded, it even fits in a cabinet. Such dimensions allow not only to store it at home, but also to take it with you to public transport, bring it to the office, educational institution, store, etc. To fold the electric scooter, you need to press the foot pedal lever located on the inside of the steering rack, above the platform. At the same time, slightly push the steering wheel away from you. The mount will loosen and the steering wheel can be pushed to the deck.


The battery of the Kugo ES2 36V / 8.8Ah, which, when fully charged, will allow you to travel up to 25 km without recharging. It takes about 3 hours for the battery to fully charge. A 350W motor built into the front wheel helps accelerate this scooter to 30 km / h. This speed is enough to make business trips or pleasure trips every day. You can monitor the speed, mileage and battery charge on the display, which is built into the steering rack, located in the middle of the steering wheel. The screen is bright, readings are clearly visible.

The wheels of the Kugo ES2 are 10 inches in diameter. They form a high enough clearance to overcome obstacles such as speed bumps, small pits, and bumps, low curbs. The wheels are perforated, that is, they will not have to be replaced due to punctures, at the same time they are softer than ordinary cast wheels. Due to the perforation (holes in the wheels), there is a slight cushioning, softening the shaking.

There is also a shock absorber on the front wheel so the ride should be more comfortable. Three speeds are also available and, thanks to the practical design, you can easily fold it up and bring it into the room. Unlike the previous model, this one can be connected to a special “Kugoo” application that will track your driving (speed, battery status, distance.

We can easily trace the remaining parameters in a dedicated smartphone application: Also, note that the application will allow us to save the location and route covered on the scooter! However, the application is not the only positive change. If you look at the steering wheel, you’ll notice that besides the electronic brake at the left handle and the acceleration lever at the right, another lever has appeared – reminiscent of a traditional brake known even from bicycles. This is the rear disc brake lever. In short, the Kugoo ES2 scooter has not one but 2 brakes: electronic in the front wheel and disc in the rear.

For evening or night trips, the scooter is provided with a backlight that illuminates the path in front and indicates with a marker light on the back that the scooter is on the road. The surface of the deck is rubberized, which prevents slipping of the legs. The deck is wide enough to fit both legs comfortably on it. You can buy a Kugoo ES2 electric scooter for the whole family to diversify your leisure time, make joint trips that will give a lot of positive emotions.

Where To Buy The KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

The KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter is currently available on Geekbuying for $429.99 using coupon code: GKB187S

Buy KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter for $429.99

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Update on Oct.6, 2020

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