Lenovo Patented a Flexible Phone With Multiple Flexible Areas


Foldable phones became the most talked-about mobile technology in 2019. Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X have been talked about for months, but there was no official explanation. In the foldable phone market, things have turned into a snake story and another player is getting ready to join the game.

A patent released today confirms that technology giant Lenovo is considering the creation of a two-point Moto RAZR- style clamshell smartphone. it has patented an implementation at the USPTO a few days ago.

It is a Design Patent, so it does not explain in detail the motivations and the technology that makes it possible, it shows only drawings (schematic) of how it could be. The colleagues of Let’s Go Digital intervened on the drawings to create renderings a little more pleasant to see.

It is worth noting that the design of the device is significantly different from what emerged from the same type of document related to the Motorola brochure, which is now more than concrete and should debut by the end of the year. Furthermore, those patents had been filed by Motorola, while those we observe today are from Lenovo.

It is true that the two companies are part of the same group, but it is an important distinction to evaluate whether this new product could actually be a new iteration of RAZR, and we say that for the moment it seems not. Of course, Motorola would have no great difficulty implementing this technology if it wanted to.

As we said, design patents do not provide descriptive details about proposed inventions; therefore for the moment, we have no precise information on the use case considered by the Lenovo.

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