Letv Leeco Mobile Phone S1 Pro Official Announcement


On the afternoon of January 4, LeEco announced that a cheaper 5G phone, called the S1 Pro, is coming.

Officials say the new machine is equipped with the domestically produced Huben T7510 chip. The product manager said, ” Our phone is really not bad.”

It is understood that Huben chips are divided into four series, which are the low-end of series 6, the mid-end of series 7, the mid-high-end of series 8 and the flagship of series 9.

Hufen T7510 belongs to the 7 series, and its performance is comparable to Qualcomm 7 Series. Its sales in half a year have exceeded one million sets, and the number of commercial terminal products has exceeded 50, showing good strength.

In terms of appearance design, if the previous Y1 Pro+ of LeEco is similar to the iPhone 14, then the S1 Pro of LeEco is similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. In particular, the three cameras on the back can not tell the real one from the fake one.

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The front side also has a “pill screen”, it is not clear whether it supports animation effects. Of course, as a thousand yuan machine, the S1 Pro mobile phone of letV can hardly hide the sense of cheap, the four bezels are relatively wide, especially the chin, so wide is really hard to see.


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