LONGER Black Friday Sales offers Up To 50% OFF 3D Printers and Laser Engraver Machine


3D printers are becoming increasingly popular and can prove to be an optimal production site for small personal Christmas gifts, especially in the run-up to Christmas. LONGER timing could hardly be better. Just in time for Black Friday, the 3D printing expert is offering many of its products at a discounted price. For all those who can’t wait, Early Black Friday already offers promising deals. The promotion lasts from November 20 to a maximum of November 30th on LONGER’s official website. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

In order to make the purchase as affordable as possible, These additional discounts can help you with this, which will further reduce the already low prices:


  • $10 OFF over $100
  • $40 OFF over $300
  • $80 OFF over $600

If you’re looking for a 10W Laser Engraver, LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver is on offer at an amazing price of $409.99 (lowest price ever). Longer Ray5 Laser Engraver is one of the wonderful engraving machines enriched with superior features. It is used for engraving metals that will be used for surface treatments. Engraver uses a thin and high-density laser for creating objects. Ray5 is the first-ever laser engraver with a built-in touch screen. Ray5 10w with a 3.5″ touch screen added new functionality like multiple ways for data transfer and multiple machines control. Compared to other laser engravers, it can engrave up to 1000+ materials. This is a great cost-effective 10W laser engraver with excellent performance in both cutting and engraving.

If you’re new to the world of 3D printing, then the LONGER LK5 PRO FDM 3D Printer is a great choice. LONGER LK5 PRO Upgraded 3D Printer uses the newly upgraded cooling fans, a dual blower kit that can promote rapid cooling of the extruded filament, and powerful cooling nozzles that can make the model surface better and smoother. LK5 Pro 3d large printer is 90% Pre-assembled, large build size of 300*300*400mm the reinforced design of diagonal rods forms a stable triangular structure, which can effectively reduce vibration and achieve more stable printing. The LK5 Pro large 3d printer with a 4.3inch full-color touch screen, optimized UI interface, easy operation, and real-time preview of the printing process. You can buy it from Official Longer’s Store at $289.99 (the lowest price this year).  This is the cheapest large(300x300x400mm) printer on the market.

And If you’re looking for Resin 3D Printer, the LONGER Orange 4K Resin 3D Printer is the cheapest 4K resin 3d printer price at $235.99 (lowest price ever). LONGER Orange 4K is an ultra high-precision resin 3d printer; a built-in 4K Mono LCD screen at 6480 x 3840 resolution of X 31.5µm Y 10.5µm in subpixel. With such high-precision printing technology, it will perform more details and better surface on miniatures. This LCD 3D Printer is able to print by 1.5s/layer on exposure time, up to 80mm/h on Mono Version, which is 2.5-3 times faster than ordinary resin printers. Obtain higher quality models in a shorter time.

LONGER Orange 4K is built with dual liner guides for more steady printing and no wobble issues; it will be provided with better results and smoother surfaces on models. Orange 4K is built with parallel UV LED lighting sources and provides better uniformity; higher intensity, and a shorter time of curing. Temperature detection system included. The system will stop printing when the temperature is too high. Equipped with a high-efficiency cooling system to improve the lifespan of this 3D printer.


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