Lost Vape URSA Baby Pro Vape Device Review – Top-tier Level Pod System


Lost vape has numerous durable vape devices with a rugged body structure alongside good vaping specifications. With the release of the URSA Baby Pro vape device, vapers now have another vape device option to look out for when aspiring to buy another better model of vape device. Although, the URSA Baby Pro is rated to be a top-tier level pod system from the company that delivers a maximum of 25W output.


So far, this vape device from Lost vape is also the first device that features a whole new URSA cartridge V2 that has up to 50% longer coil lifespan and also a 50% stronger flavor boost. However, it will likely interest you to know that the URSA Baby Pro vape device 0.8- ohm V2 cartridge is designed for MTL and Nicotine salt vapers. While the 0.6- ohm V2 cartridge supports the loose MTL – RL range for the freebase community.


In terms of design, the URSA Baby Pro imitates a sleek modern design to professionally match your identity. in addition, this vaper device is formed from a rock-solid zinc alloy material which facilitates its hardness and high resilience. URSA Baby Pro features a sophisticated mouthpiece design alongside an increased step-less adjustable airflow range of the device in order to deliver MTL, Loose MTL, and RL airflow range.


Where To Buy:

The URSA Baby Pro vape device is currently available for an affordable price tag on Lostvape.


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