Meizu 16S Pro Performance Review: Snapdragon 855+, And No Notch Display Screen


Among the many Snapdragon 855 mobile phones, the Meizu 16s released at the end of April was a late episode, and was far behind by mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, and Lenovo.

Now, the limelight of Snapdragon 855 has passed, and the mobile phone circle has ushered in the era of Snapdragon 855 Plus. This time, Meizu finally caught up with the tide and became the first manufacturer to launch the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile phone. Recently, Meizu 16s Pro was officially released. This is the third flagship product of Meizu named after “16”.

Technical Specs:

As a flagship mobile phone, it is natural to have a flagship mobile phone. The Meizu 16s Pro adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor based on the 8-core Kryo 485 architecture. Compared with Snapdragon 855, the biggest improvement is the big core frequency. The horror of 2.96GHz and the GPU clock speed increased to 675MHz. Meizu 16s Pro comes standard with 6GB+128GB memory combination and supports up to 8GB+256GB memory combination. Let’s take a look at whether Meizu 16s Pro can play the strength of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+.

In terms of running points, Meizu 16s Pro’s Geekbench single-core scored 3643 points and multi-core 10233 points, which is the normal level of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. And Antutu has a total score of 456,488 points, and Master Lu has a total score of 350,770 points, which is slightly lower than other Snapdragon 855 Plus models, but they are all within normal fluctuation range. In fact, the performance of the Snapdragon 855 Plus is undoubtedly one of the ceilings in this year’s Android phones.

In terms of storage, Meizu 16s Pro is upgraded to UFS 3.0 flash memory, and the F2FS file system is adopted at the system level. Both sequential read/write and random read/write performance have been greatly improved. It can be said that the current Android flagship camp has passed 3 The second continuous read and write test, Meizu 16s Pro average read speed reached 1450MB / s, file read speed, and APP installation speed compared to UFS2.1 increased greatly.

Gaming Performance

In addition to having a strong hardware foundation, a good game experience should be optimized at the software level, or else there will be a “powerful but not strong” situation. Hyper Gaming intelligent graphics scheduling technology studied by Meizu, although this technology can be exposed on Meizu Note9, this time must be “blowing”, Hyper Gaming can intelligently identify the game thread load size, and allocate it reasonably during the game. Resources. In addition, for high-load scenarios in the game, this technology can also accurately predict (predictive accuracy of up to 100%), and schedule core resources in advance to fully lay the groundwork for the upcoming team battle scenario, avoiding the engagement process. There was a large frame rate fluctuation in the middle, which led to the loss of the group battle.

Hyper Gaming intelligent graphics scheduling technology plus Meizu’s One mind3.5 version of the intelligent freezing technology, the smooth team battle is no longer afraid. So what is the actual effect of this game optimization solution? Let’s verify it by game measurement.

Game measured:

Performance is the cornerstone of the gaming experience, but the actual experience is far more important than running. This time we tested a total of four games, namely “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite”, “QQ Speed”, and GPU killer “Crash 3”.

“Glory of the King”

The national-level mobile game “Glory of the King” is famous for its configuration, so Meizu 16s Pro did not encounter any trouble, and it was easy to pass the test with 60 frames and 100% stability.

The configuration requirements for “Glory of the King” are relatively lower, although last year’s “Glory of the King” made a large-scale update, which increased the demand for mobile phone configuration.

However, with the high performance of Meizu 16s Pro, the game frame rate of the whole game is stable and smooth, and the game is long-term.

“Peace Elite”

“Peace Elite” is the mobile port version of the popular online game “PUBG”. Compared with “King of Glory”, the hardware configuration is much higher. At present, “Peace Elite” has opened the HDR HD + 60 frame quality option. This also gives us an additional way to verify the performance of the phone.

The test results did not surprise us: Meizu 16s Pro maintained the average 59 frames in the 24-minute game on the premise of the highest quality of HDR HD in Peace Elite. The frame rate fluctuated to 0.98 frames. Very smooth and smooth.” Easily pass the test of eating chicken.

Since the Meizu 16s Pro is equipped with a horizontal linear motor, it is a pity if you don’t play the game. Therefore, in Meizu 16s Pro, mEngine 3.0 will fully operate during the game, and the corresponding vibration will be matched according to the scene. The shooting vibration of different weapons is not the same. More importantly, under the actual experience, the game vibration feedback speed is faster, as if you were shooting in the game, the feedback of the high-speed vibration of the linear motor has been transmitted to your hand so that the player feels like The normal recoil of a gun. Of course, there is a 160Hz screen sampling rate of the game player’s pain points. Although it is not comparable to some game phones, it will bring visible improvement to both the shooting and the sliding during the game.

In the Game For Peace, in addition to the smooth enough picture, the sound is also very important, learn to listen to the sound to kill the enemy faster and more accurately. The Meizu 16s Pro is also equipped with dual ultra-linear stereo speakers, which brings an immersive listening experience when playing games. It is as simple as listening to the sound.

“QQ Speed”

As the “QQ Speed” recalled in our 90s childhood, we have recently had a mobile version, because “QQ Speed” does not eat configuration, so the dimension of our assessment becomes frame number stability. Although “QQ Speed” is easy to get 60 frames, it is still a test of the optimization level of a mobile phone to maintain 60 frames without jumping back and forth.

The performance of Meizu 16s Pro in “QQ Speed” did not disappoint us. Except that the frame rate is stable at 60 frames, the average fluctuation frame of the whole process is only 0.83 frames, which is very good for a racing game with a lot of scene changes. This also benefits from the Smart Freeze 3.0 developed by Meizu. By optimizing the underlying system, it quickly reduces its activity and frees up more CPU resources for system deployment. Together with other functions in the One Mind 3.0 “feature pack”, it can be done. Not stuck, strong battery life, do not kill the background.

“Crash 3”

The last thing we tested was the GPU killer “Breakdown 3”. Collapse 3 has been deeply rooted in high-particle effects and slag optimization. Can the Meizu 16s Pro pass the challenge?

The first level of the test level is the main story, the thirteenth difficulty mode, it can be seen that the overall frame rate of Meizu 16s Pro equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus is kept at 58 frames, and the overall fluctuation is 2.7 frames, even the GPU killer “Crash 3” Failed to stump Meizu 16s Pro.


The Meizu 16s Pro cooling solution has not been done well enough. The peace elite game time is 24 minutes, and the room temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of the front surface measured by the temperature gun is 40.9 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature on the backside is 40.9 degrees Celsius.

From this test point of view, Meizu 16s Pro really masters the essence of the 骁 855 855 Plus, whether it is fluency or game screens have excellent performance, “full-blood squeezed” version of 骁 855 Plus let Meizu 16s Pro The game performance has taken a step forward, although the heat dissipation needs to continue to improve, this does not hinder the excellent game performance of Meizu 16s Pro.


With the continuous development of the mobile game market, the quality of the player’s opponent tour has put forward higher requirements. The Meizu 16s Pro not only has a powerful hardware configuration but also has a Hyper Gaming optimization solution, which is not known to be higher than many friends’ “Turbo”. Meizu 16s Pro is not a game phone, but it can be tied to the mainstream game phones on the market in terms of performance. Although Meizu experienced twists and turns in 2019, Meizu 16s Pro is the most satisfactory answer given by Meizu.


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