Meross Pre-sale of Their First Matter Supported Product Announced


Meross, the HomeKit-focused smart home vendor, has shared details about the latest Meross Matter supported mini plug MSS115.   In early Oct, the Matter 1.0 has been launched as a new smart home standard by The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). This announcement opened the door to official product certification for the first Matter accessories, and it comes as the latest iOS 16.1 betas add support for the technology. Today, Meross is releasing their first Matter-supported smart plug mini MSS115.

Meross smart mini plug has been known for reliable quality and connection stability as the best-seller product series. That is also why Meross chose it as their first launched Matter-supported product. Only US/CA version MSS115 has been launched at this time pre-install, and the estimated shipping date is Dec 31th, 2022.

‘As the Early Access Program (EAP) partner of Alexa and Google, and also the participated partner of CSA, we entered into the development of Matter at an earlier stage, and commit to breaking the language barriers between different brands and platforms,’ says Danny Xia, the product manager of Meross Matter program. ‘ we will keep contribute to creating a more open ecosystem for the global smart home market with all others.’

Due to Meeros Matter being a new protocol with different hardware and software requirements, most of the smart home products in the market cannot be upgraded to support Matter. The regular Wi-Fi and Home Kit products Meross have already released will not be able to integrate Matter by upgrading. And Meross also announced that would release and develop new Matter-supported products to meet the needs of customers.

Matter, launched and introduced by Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast and the Zigbee Alliance, aims to reduce fragmentation across different vendors, and achieve interoperability among smart home devices and Internet of things (IoT) platforms from different providers. With matter, devices from multiple brands work natively together.

In addition, Security is a core principle of Meeros Matter, including the authentication of devices joining the network, encryption of messages to the destination, use of proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Matter security does not rely on the security of communication technologies it runs on top of. Wi-Fi or Thread secure technology is an added level of protection.


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