MIUI 12 Accessibility Features are Upgraded Again: Subtitle Mode, Voice Subtitles


Xiaomi officially stated that MIUI has added multiple functions for accessibility. Regardless of whether there is voice as a carrier in life, everyone’s connection with the world and communication with their loved ones will not be interrupted.

MIUI 12 has also learned how to better carry and communicate to connect with each unique individual. The following small functions hope to help everyone with more silent occasions so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology.

Xiaomi Hearing Voice · Subtitle Mode

IT Home learned that Xiaomi Wensheng has added a subtitle mode. In Xiaomi’s small window mode, close the small window to both sides of the screen to enter the subtitle mode, and you can still dictate in real-time without blocking your sight. In a noisy or quiet environment, it is no longer embarrassing to wear a headset. You can now go to the Mi Community App for an internal beta experience of this feature.

AI call · Assistant answer setting

Want to use AI to answer during a meeting, but are afraid that the other party thinks the wrong number is dialed? The AI ​​call function adds assistant answer settings in the latest MIUI development version. You can set the name you want to display in the conversation, and the name of the call assistant, so that during the call, the call assistant will proactively identify yourself, making the communication more smooth.

Video · Voice subtitles

Does the recorded Vlog still need to be subtitled in the latter sentence? When recording a video with the camera, you can turn on the voice subtitle function. The dialogue in the video recording process can directly generate subtitles, which saves the complicated work of adding subtitles in the later stage, and also allows the video to smoothly convey emotions in more silent scenes.

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Xiaoai classmate · text input

Not many people know this hidden skill of Xiao Ai. When you are inconvenient to talk, press and hold the Xiao Ai ball to communicate with Xiao Ai through text. In the silent state, Xiao Ai also understands you.


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