Most Popular Free Screen Sharing Tools In 2022


The pandemic made the entire world go inside their houses, and it was not an easy transition. But the internet offered many avenues that helped everyone stay in touch or continue with their office work. Video conferencing platforms became the go-to for every individual.

The most important feature turned out to be the screen sharing tool. It helped to share presentations during corporate meetings, notes during lectures, and watch movies with distant friends and family.

Thus, it led to the emergence of various free screen-sharing tools. But this wide range of options made choosing the right tool a daunting task. So, here we’ve narrowed down the search and come up with the 5 most popular screen-sharing tools in 2022.

  1. com

Online interactions can be a challenge for anyone. It can take time to get used to its working and operations. But Missed has made it easier for everyone around the globe.

It offers a lot of useful features like video conferencing, audio visual integration, client management, and billing and document management that can help corporates, teachers, students, business people, etc., to plan their workload and connect with the rest of the world online.

Its share screen tool is one of the best features Missed offers. It helps share documents and presentations in real-time, making online interactions more interactive. This further increases user engagement and improves communication.

In short, Missed makes the experience of the virtual world smoother and quicker.

  1. Microsoft Teams

The pandemic was certainly hard on the corporate world because it made the entire workflow and decision-making process difficult due to zero physical interaction.

A team needs to have an organized and planned schedule for its corporate operations to run smoothly. This is where Microsoft Teams emerged as a helpful platform as it offered all the required tools and features to organize and conduct online meetings.

It helps keep track of meetings and share invitations and documents with other team members. And its screen sharing feature facilitates easy conduction of board meetings with the appropriate audio and visual aid.

Owing to the efficiency of this tool, even now, corporations use Microsoft Teams for almost every screen-sharing or video conferencing need to run their work smoothly.

  1. Google Meet

Everyone knows about Google, but Google Meet specifically became more popular after the pandemic struck the world. Everyone needed an easy way to talk to their dear ones. And in Google Meet, it was easy to schedule meetings as it directly got incorporated into the Google calendar.

This tool also gives you access to an unlimited number of meetings for unlimited hours with the provision for seamless screen sharing. Any participant can easily share their screen during the meet without being the owner.

Google Meet also allows the sharing of audio along with the video. Hence, it is a straightforward platform with very easy-to-use features.

  1. Discord

It offers a large number of servers where groups and communities can be formed to interact with like-minded people and explore more. The servers have a lot of different features that make it an extremely interactive platform.

It is most famous amongst gamers because of its cross-platform support, i.e., it can be connected to your PlayStation or Xbox account easily and run seamlessly.

Gamers enjoy using this platform as it allows them to stream their games by sharing their screens with the viewers and other players. It is considered to be a fun platform where people from across the globe can form connections at ease.

  1. Slack

It is a great platform to replace operations like emailing, messaging, and instant messaging, where everything is integrated into one place. It is used globally, and the integrated method of communication makes it easier to share information.

One of the most notable features of slack is channels. In channels, people can come together to share their ideas and thoughts. It makes the process of decision-making quicker and easier.

Each channel can also conduct online meetings where presentations, videos, and documents can be easily shared on the screen to have fruitful discussions.

Final Words

The world of the internet has an abundance of options to choose from, but it can be confusing at times. So, the top 5 free platforms we discussed above have proven to satisfy their users with their useful features, especially the screen-sharing one.


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