Moti Play POD Kit Review – Received a Remarkable Transparent Appearance


Moti has released a custom pod system called MOTI Play. The device received a remarkable appearance, a capacious battery, and a set of the most necessary functionality along with additional features. MOTI PLAY is an innovative vape with massive vapor. 900 mAh large-capacity battery ensures its long service life. Its ultra-thin honeycomb mesh core restores a strong flavor, and the stepless adjustable airflow tailors the power and smoke volume as needed.

Specs of Moti Play Pod :

  • Dimensions: 80mm * 44mm * 12.5mm
  • Material: zinc alloy, PC
  • Battery: 900 mAh
  • Charging: USB Type-C, 5V/1A
  • Power: 5-30W
  • Capacity: 2 ml
  • Coils: 0.45ohm Mesh / 1.0ohm Mesh


The MOTI Play is a good-looking pod mod vape, and it feels good in the hand with a high-end paint finish, and users can choose from 7 different colors. The new Play Pod comes in a wide color palette, which currently includes seven varieties. The devices will differ both in shades of the zinc case and in the colors of the drawings. The device is made in the form of a rectangle with a thickness of only 12.5 mm. The MOTI Play measures 12 mm x 19 mm x 115 mm, and it weighs 70 g. It’s about the same size as a classic Zippo lighter, and it takes those same kinds of magnetized drop-in pods that have too much wiggle room. They don’t rattle or anything like that, but playing with the pod in the battery reveals tolerances that could be tighter.


The battery pack of the Moti Play POD Kit is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 900 mAh, for charging which a USB Type-C connector is provided, which passes current to the battery with a maximum power of up to 1 A. You can control the charge level, as well as the current power in the range of 5-30 W, using the monochrome display. At the end of the device, there is also a blower adjustment mechanism that rotates 360 degrees. The sub-system cartridge runs on interchangeable 0.45ohm and 1.0ohm mesh coils. The capacity of the tank is standard – 2 ml.

Just like many other similar pod mod systems; the MOTI Play is a plug-and-play device that’s operated by simply taking a puff; though it has another fire button as assistance. What you see on the front of the device is the see-through material that allows you to look inside the device, you have a better sense of control of your device with this considerate design. Luckily it’s not a light screen, but above the right side is equipped with a small display to show all the important vaping information. You can read vaping information like the puffing numbers, current watts voltages; and the watts of the coil that is undertaken when vaping.


The MOTI Play is also a MUSE Design Awards Winner this year, it is a new POD Mod of MOTI. Based on inheriting the classic practicality; it meets the needs of POD vape lovers and defines a new height of user experience with a fully evolved professional atomization experience; aesthetic design, and advanced user experience. For more information visit on official Website.


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