MOTI ROLLER 6000 Review – with a Smooth Appearance to Satisfy Your Vaping


MOTI, which produces mainly disposable devices and sub-systems, has introduced its new product. MOTI ROLLER 6000 Kit acquired a remarkable design and extraordinary appearance, as well as a good margin of autonomy. Built-in 15 mL large e-juice capacity, with a smooth appearance to satisfy your vaping craving for your daily need.


MOTI ROLLER 6000 Vape Kit

The MOTI ROLLER 6000 Kit is built in a compact cylindrical body with a serrated surface. The device consists of a small battery pack and a Rechargeable Battery. There were ten flavor variations to choose from, performed in various colors. Roller 6000, Satisfies your taste with more icy flavors, including seasonal lychee and classic fresh mint. You won’t miss out on this cute vape bottle! A wide flattened mouthpiece was placed on top. On the side wall, they made a logo and markings. The bottom was provided with a charging port.


The MOTI ROLLER 6000 small-sized battery pack comes with a 600 mAh power supply. You can replenish the margin of autonomy through the USB Type-C connector. Inside the cartridge, a mesh evaporator is responsible for flavor transfer and vapor generation. The volume of the filled liquid is 15 ml, and its strength is 50 mg. From one device, the owner will be able to get an average of up to 6000 puffs.


The MOTI ROLLER 6000 is the latest with excellent features. Also, it will give you a different taste with more puffs than many. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Motiplanet Officials.


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