MOTO X40 VS Mi 13 Quick Comparison Review


The comparative advantages of the MOTO X40 mobile phone are mainly manifested in multiple aspects such as cheaper price, higher Hz screen refresh rate, larger battery capacity, and faster-charging speed. As far as Xiaofang is concerned, the price/performance ratio of the mobile phone MOTO X40 at this stage will indeed be higher.

The comparative advantages of the Mi 13 mobile phone are reflected in the thinner and lighter body, better screen quality, stronger camera capabilities, and more comprehensive functions. In addition, the ecosystem of the Mi 13 mobile phone will be more Complete, I personally recommend everyone to start with the Mi 13 phone.

Everyone’s needs are different, so the purchase choices made will also be different. So Xiaofang would like to briefly talk about the main differences between the two phones.

Price difference: MOTO X40 will be cheaper than Mi 13. Taking the same 8+128GB version as an example, the price of the MOTO X40 is 3399 yuan, and the price of the Mi 13 is 3999 yuan.

The difference in body thickness: Mi 13 will be thinner and thinner than MOTO X40. The Xiaomi Mi 13 has a thickness of 8.1 mm and a weight of 189 grams; while the MOTO X40 has a thickness of 8.59 mm and a weight of 199 grams.

Screen difference: The screen quality of the Mi 13 phone will be better than that of the MOTO X40 phone. The Mi 13 phone uses a 120 Hz refresh rate E6 material 1080P screen; while the MOTO X40 uses a 165 Hz refresh rate POLED material 1080P screen.

Differences in camera capabilities: Mi 13 will be better than MOTO X40. If you are a photography enthusiast, Xiaofang suggests that you should choose Mi 13 for purchase.

The difference in battery capacity: The battery capacity of the MOTO X40 will be larger than that of the Mi 13. The battery capacity of the MOTO X40 mobile phone is 4600 mAh, while the battery capacity of the Mi 13 mobile phone is 4500 mAh.

The difference in charging speed: The charging speed of the MOTO X40 will be faster than that of the Mi 13. The MOTO X40 phone supports 125 -watt wired fast charging, while the Mi 13 phone supports 67 -watt wired fast charging.

Differences in functional comprehensiveness: Mi 13 has more comprehensive functions than MOTO X40. Mi 13 supports infrared remote control, while MOTO X40 does not support infrared. remote control function.

For the comparison of the core configuration of these two phones, you can refer to the figure below.

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