MUJA Smart Gamepad: A Revolutionary Gampad For Smartphone Presentes On Indiegogo


The CES is the largest technology conference in the world and as every year it surprises us with many innovations; this year Team Landscape, an innovative and well-known brand for smartphone gaming gadgets, recommended by the co-founder of Apple Inc. Wozniak surprised everyone with the launch of MUJA, a highly innovative second-generation gamepad that will give us a gaming experience never seen before. This incredible device is already available on the crowdfunding platform.

The second-generation gamepad MUJA has literally subverted the old gamepad market. The most experienced players know perfectly well that the traditional gamepads have a cumbersome torso and quite uncomfortable to carry around; you can only use 2 fingers to control the game interface, while you encounter intense points, you can not feel happy and lively. While playing for a long time, the smartphone or the main engine of the gamepad will heat a lot, etc. Horizon MUJA solves all these problems thanks to an aspiration system, interactive multi-finger, heat dissipation, Bluetooth connection and much more.

The MUJA gamepad perfectly supports all iOS and Android smartphones. The integrated 450mAh battery supports 36 hours of continuous playback and 56 hours of standby time; heat dissipation can reduce the temperature of the phone and greatly improve the efficiency of mobile operation. Thanks to the ergonomic design and the tactile sensor, you can play with the front and back panels together, winning fast; The stick-on design adheres perfectly to the phone to expand the version and feel at ease after a long waiting period; With additional 4 custom keys, MUJA keeps you ahead of others while you play video games and win fast.

In 2015, Landscape launched its first-generation case on Kickstarter, HandyCase ™: Transparent iPhones / iPads for Gaming – HandScape. He raised 637 supporters to commit $305,441 to help bring this project to life. It is also a successful campaign so far, but the first generation only supports the IOS system and has been the practical case, only suitable for specific devices, which means that your iPhone and iPad can not be used at the same time because of size. With the MUJA gamepad, you can play with devices of various sizes.

The revolutionary MUJA gamepad will be available at starting from 10 January 2019 and you can buy it at a super price with 50% discount. According to leaked news, this gamepad could be launched to open sales at the end of January 2019. We stay tuned. The gamepad revolution is coming! The pre-sale purchase of the second-generation MUJA gamepad is available on this link:



  1. Leaked news claimed that Handscape MUJA gamepad will be launched to sale at 9am EST on Jan 30th. The super early bird price will be at $49, only 500 pieces limited; Early bird price be at $59, and WSRP is at $99.

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