Nebula Small Box Vape Review: Gives you 4000 Puffs


Nebula small box vape refillable expendable vaporizer just has mind boggling variety contrast. Yet, the truly significant thing, and what you will cherish above different gadgets, are the thick and fragrant mists that fall off of this little, beautiful, viable, and compact expendable vape.

Nebula small box


As far as plan, the Nebula small box vape embraces a little, short however fat body configuration very much like a scaled down bottle humidifier or snuff container. With its minimized plan, the case weighs around 72 grams and it has a component of 72mm x 43.9mm x 22mm. There is likewise a convenient cord on its body so it tends to be held tight your neck or sack.

Nebula small box


The Nebula small box produces around 4,000 puffs, furnished with a twofold opposition furnishes the most perfect flavor with remarkable fume mists. Partake in an exceptional client experience with the container molded plan that houses a 650 mAh battery. The cup holder plan of this convenient vape pen offers an agreeable client experience. When you hold it, you’ll adore it! Included a double curl.

Nebula small boxNebula small box


Nebula small box comes with excellent features. Also, it has compact size. so, what are you waiting for? you can easily buy this from fofvapor officials


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