Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 Review – Driving Recorder HD Dash Cam at $65.99 From TOMTOP


There are many advantages to installing a dashcam when driving a car. Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 is the embodiment of a number of advanced technologies that can provide users with quality images and videos. With its modern, easy-to-use design, this is a worthy car device for any user.

Buy Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 From TOMTOP


The Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 Dash Cam is equipped with an LCD touchscreen display with IPS technology. Thanks to this, such disadvantages as a narrow viewing angle, limited colour reproduction are completely overcome. Video and image quality has also improved. Reaching 1600p resolution is the factor that helps DDPai Mola Z5 camera to give users the sharpest movies. The reflective 6-layer lens helps to optimize the device’s recording capabilities. This feature of the Mola Z5 camera is extremely useful in cases of accidents and disputes in traffic.

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The Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 Dash Cam demonstrates excellent shooting quality in low light conditions. Mounts on the windshield and thanks to its very wide viewing angle, the lens allows for 140-degree coverage. Moreover, even in spite of such impressive coverage, the picture does not have excessive spherical bulge and size distortion. HiSilicon flagship chip, the best configuration. HiSilicon Hi3556V200 flagship chipset, lower power consumption and architecture processor, focus on image processing, support for H.265 new coding technology, greatly improve the coding efficiency, clearer image with the same file size.

Another big plus of this device lies in the integration of ADAS technology. This technology supports advanced driving with 3 functions: lane warning system, frontal collision warning system to warn when the distance between the user’s vehicle and the roadblock is too small, the system The front vehicle departure warning assists the driver by signalling when the vehicle above stops or leaves. Users can be completely assured when using the car thanks to the warnings and reminders of the Mola Z5 camera. With just a few simple steps, you can connect the camera journey this app on your phone DDPai individuals. Thanks to that, users can easily monitor and check the status of their cars 24/7. The saved videos can be viewed at any time by users as well as shared online.


Highlighting safety while driving, the manufacturer has equipped the Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 dashcam with extremely sensitive voice recognition. Users only need to set up a single time to control this camera with their own voice, avoiding distractions while driving because users have to let go of the steering wheel to manually adjust the camera. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $65.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Nimova DDPAI mola Z5 From TOMTOP


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