Nokia 2100 Render Has Surfaced Online, Showing off Its Design


The phones of the Nokia brand can be regarded as the former leader in the mobile phone industry, but since Apple launched the iPhone, the development speed of smartphones has also been very rapid, directly leaving behind many classic mobile phones released by Nokia before. In fact, Nokia is still very good in terms of industrial design capabilities, but because it did not grasp the correct direction, it made mistakes that eventually led to the decline of the Nokia mobile phone brand.

The design of Nokia’s new 2100 can be said to retain the design of the functional machine era while also adding current technological elements. The full-size buttons and large-size screen of the feature phone era have been retained on the new Nokia 2100, but the screen has been upgraded to a touchable OLED screen, which also supports a high refresh rate of 144 Hz and 1.07 billion colors Color display, 1920PWM high-frequency dimming and so on. Although the size of the screen is small, the display effect is not lost to other flagship phones.

Although the physical buttons are retained, the new Nokia 2100 still has a certain distinction in design. All the buttons are polished into a circle, and then red and blue are used to distinguish numbers and characters. Of course, the background lights of the buttons are will not be missing. This design is very fast and convenient for fast text input, and in addition to text input, it also performs better than screen touch in terms of playing games.

As for the design of the camera module on the back of the fuselage, Nokia is still a clear stream in the mobile phone industry at this time. A larger main camera is designed on the back of the fuselage. Nokia 2100 did not imitate other mobile phones and designed multiple camera lenses on the back of the fuselage, but worked hard on the multi-functional experience of independent lenses. For example, the main camera of the new Nokia 2100 integrates the dual functions of telephoto and ultra-wide angle, so even without multiple camera lenses, the new Nokia 2100 can still meet the multi-functional experience of daily shooting.

Although the exterior design of the fuselage looks like a functional phone, the performance configuration is unambiguous. The new Nokia 2100 does not choose the processor of the Snapdragon series but is equipped with the Dimensity 9200 chipset. At the same time, the storage of LPDDR5X and UFS4.0 combination also maximizes the performance. In addition, the 5500 mAh battery also supports 88W wired fast charging and 45W wireless fast charging. It can be said that the new Nokia 2100 is a small steel gun with high performance. It looks small and looks like a functional machine, but its performance is still at the level of the first echelon.

To dare to design the mobile phone body like this, perhaps only the arrogant Nokia can do it. The new Nokia 2100 is a mobile phone that combines high-performance, functional phones, smartphones, and other design elements. As long as the price is right, I believe that there will still be many loyal consumers who will buy, after all, faith will still allow the brand’s influence to grow again.

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