Nubia Z50 VS Moto X40 VS Redmi K60 Pro Quick Comparison


If you have to choose one of these three mobile phones to buy, Xiaofang personally recommends everyone to buy the Redmi K60 pro. The reasons I gave are as follows, you may wish to refer to them.

Among the three mobile phones, the screen quality of the Redmi K60pro is the best. The Redmi K60 Pro uses a 120Hz refresh rate OLED material 2K screen, while the other two phones use a 144Hz refresh rate AMOLED material 1080P screen (Nubia Z50) and a 165Hz POLED material 1080P screen (MOTOx40).

Among the three mobile phones, the heat dissipation effect of the Redmi K60Pro is the most obvious.

Among the three mobile phones, Redmi K60 Pro has the most comprehensive functions. The Redmi K60pro mobile phone supports an infrared remote control function, while the other two mobile phones do not support an infrared remote control function.

In addition, Redmi K60pro also uses a violent engine, imx800 rear main camera, and a 5000 mAh large battery, and supports 120W fairy second charging, 30W wireless second charging, NFC, infrared remote control, Wi-Fi6 And the E-axis linear motor, etc., it can be said that the details are very good.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, I personally recommend everyone to start with the Redmi K60 pro.

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