OnePlus 7T Review: High-End Performance Inside & Real Beauty Outside


Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have brought two mobile phone products every year. The new products in spring often have more innovations and are complete product iterations. The autumn “T” series is more about the improvement of spring products. perfect. Last year’s OnePlus 6T added a screen fingerprint, so what will change this year’s OnePlus 7T? Let’s take a look.

Design & Appearance

At first glance, the OnePlus 7T is not as stunning as the OnePlus 7 Pro with the lift lens + curved screen. This phone uses a 6.55 inch AMOLED waterdrop screen. After removing the mechanical mechanism, it is thinner and lighter than the 7 Pro. Although technology is weaker, it is more practical – don’t wait for the selfie.

In fact, the OnePlus team made a little optimization in the “waterdrop”: According to official data, the water drop is 31.6% smaller than the previous generation. The 20:9 screen ratio also makes the whole mobile phone look “skilled”, and one-handed operation is easy.

Turning the phone back to see the back, suddenly there is a feeling of surprise. I have always advocated minimalism. This time I used a circular lens module. The obvious bumps made the lens stand out. I personally have never liked this “big-eyed” design. In fact, the three lenses do not need to use such a strong sense of design, this is more to keep up with the flagship OnePlus 7T Pro in the same period.

Starting from the generation of the phrase “good feelings really good”, OnePlus has always been concerned about the feeling. This time is no exception, the back of a OnePlus 7T with a frosted glass texture, the overall matte, but can still see the light slipping when turning the phone, it is quite advanced. This time, a total of two colors, ice blue and glacial gray, are still available. The color is still a simple and restrained style, and the frosted glass is a little lower than the polished glass.

The evaluation machine that Sina Digital got is the ice blue color. This color is not as strong as it is supposed to be. It is a bit gray, a bit like the “smog blue” that was popular in the past, plus the matte material. It still looks very comfortable.

In addition to the regular power volume button, this OnePlus 7T still does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the body still maintains a unique scene mode adjustment button, which can switch between three modes of mute, vibration and ringing, and the thumb moves up and down. It can be operated simply. This function is very practical and convenient for most people. In addition, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack for OnePlus 7T, and the data/charge/audio transmission depends on USB-C.

90Hz Screen

Last year, I added a 90Hz refresh rate screen to my mobile phone, which opened up in the industry. This year’s OnePlus 7T is still 90Hz. The OnePlus 7T is equipped with the same 90Hz fluid screen as the 7 Pro.

The main reason why the mobile phone was not smooth before was that it was mainly from the processor or flash memory, that is, the configuration caused the card. In the past two years, the performance of the processor has been oversupplied, UFS flash memory has been arranged, and the internal is no longer the reason for the lack of smoothness. The manufacturer thought of improving the screen.

Previously, most mobile phone screens on the market were 60Hz. After the upgrade to 90Hz, the refresh rate increased. The obvious perception is not the daily operation. The 60Hz of the pop-up menu is enough. More in the game environment, the human eye contrasts. You can see the difference.

In addition to the refresh rate, the other qualities of adding this screen are also good. The resolution is 2400*1080 pixels, the maximum brightness can reach 1000nit, the color display is bright and vivid, the screen display supports two preset color options, bright and natural, and there is also a professional mode to manually adjust the color of the screen.

This screen has also passed the German Rhine Eye Comfort certification, the introduction of night mode 2.0, and the latest color reading mode so that the text reading is still comfortable while achieving the color display of the picture content.


OnePlus 7T upgraded to three lenses, still supports optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, the 48 Megapixel wide-angle lens uses Sony IMX586 sensor, f / 1.6 large aperture. The IMX586 is the sensor that is used in most flagship phones today and can present more details for 48 million pixels. Also equipped with a 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens.

In the outdoor with plenty of light, the sharpness, color and white balance of the photo still have a good performance. The saturation of the color is high. The sky blue and the green color of the leaves are relatively rich. The overall photo performance is clear and transparent. The details are still there.

OnePlus 7T is equipped with a 2x focal length telephoto lens and a super wide-angle lens for more playability. The camera interface is similar to the iPhone, but the corresponding focal length is 0.6x, 1x and 2x. You can drag the zoom switch. Significant discoloration can be seen when the lens is switched to a super wide-angle. Of course, this problem is currently available on Android phones. Compared with other manufacturers, OnePlus 7T has been a good performance.

In the shooting function, OnePlus 7T added super macro mode, you can focus on the target object 2.5 cm distance, but this mode needs to be manually switched, the result is not bad. Can take the details of the pattern on the renminbi – this is often regarded as a standard by mobile phone editors, can shoot this, it shoots the flower, insects and the like are no problem.

In the dark environment, the performance under the night scene mode is remarkable, the whole picture is bright and bright, and it is suppressed in the highlights. There is no exposure phenomenon, and the defects are controlled to bring more Clear picture.

The portrait mode is a bit unsatisfactory, the focusing time is longer, the adjustment of the edge of the character is not perfect, the hair is covered by blur, the overall photo is yellow, the details are not clear enough, and the texture of the skin seems to have been worn away. And a white point appears in the highlight of the blur.

In addition to static photos, there are dynamic videos. With the explosion of short videos, major mobile phone manufacturers have increased their optimization of video recording. Adding OnePlus 7T has added a super video anti-shake function, which can be taken at any time. , telephoto, super wide-angle free switching, the anti-shake effect is still good.

Take a photo of this part, OnePlus 7T shot on the Android phone, but the system dragged the hind legs, or we are an informal version of the phone, switching the zoom card in the camera interface is very obvious, even appeared in the camera app is not responding.

Hardware & Performance

OnePlus 7T core configuration for the Snapdragon 855 Plus is an expected choice. In addition, it is equipped with up to 8GB of memory, LPDDR4X, four-channel memory, 128GB, and 256GB. The whole system comes standard with UFS 3.0 flash memory. In the short experience, the overall use is still very fast, and some heavy tasks are not present. problem. This score is a very good 855+ score, the official said after having this processor. It is 15% better than the previous generation plus 7/7 Pro (Snapdragon 855).

OnePlus 7T and 7 Pro have the same screen fingerprint recognition and a new linear vibration motor. The addition of these two details is still very obvious in terms of experience. The speed of unlocking the fingerprint under the screen is also very good. OnePlus 7T does not have a waterproof rating, but in fact, like the previous generation, it has a certain waterproof ability, which can be seen from the apron on the SIM.

But OnePlus has been extremely cautious about waterproofing. The waterproofing of mobile phones is a very real thing. You should consider the effects of water pressure, water temperature, and even aging and bumping metal frame deformation on the waterproof of mobile phones. But if you tell the user that this is a waterproof phone, someone will take it to swim and bath without paying attention to there are so many restrictions.

So there are too many uncertain factors, and it is better to say nothing. Also, avoid the phone from entering the water. OnePlus 7T battery has a small upgrade, from the previous generation 3700mAh to 3800mAh, there is no problem in the actual experience one day. Warp Charging charger has a maximum power of 30W, which is fast enough, but the Android phone… the new record has been refreshed to 65W, 40W has become the flagship standard of Huawei vivo and other brands.

Another regret is that this phone still has no wireless charging. According to one of the founders and CEO Liu Zuohu, “it will not be.” This reason is good to listen to. It seems that OPPO products are not very cold for wireless charging. Maybe they think that the cable charging is fast enough, but it is also undeniable that although wireless charging is slow, the convenience is not replaceable by wired methods.

These two mobile phones currently do not support 5G. In the previous communication meeting, OnePlus the relevant people did not talk too much. It’s not surprising that there is no 5G. There is no iPhone 11 series. Cook thinks that it is not mature now, and the actual use is not so big. This argument is convincing. However, the Android mobile phone world is another turning point. In this camp where all the thoughts are exhausted, 5G is a selling point rather than a practical point. Without 5G, it will always make the discerning users feel less successful. Even now, there is no 5G revolutionary application scenario besides testing.

Oxygen OS

The UI is partial biochemical, there is no AI voice, and the NFC function is backward. This are a few factors that the hydrogen OS has been questioned before. The OnePlus 7T series system also debugged these pain points and introduced hydrogen OS10.0. And it is the first system to adapt to the Android 10 version.

NFC has really become “common”, and the upgraded NFC supports global NFC in more than 200 cities, and also supports the addition of access cards; OnePlus 7T adds a new gesture, and the animation effect is optimized. The animation of unlocking the screen and the smoothness of the 90Hz screen is really amazing.

The existence of these updates is not as much as the increase of the voice assistant “小布”, but unfortunately, the evaluation machine we got is still not officially equipped with the smart voice assistant cloth, which should be seen in the subsequent upgrade. In addition to the ability to implement the daily voice assistant function, the car scene has also been added.

In addition, the popular meditation mode has more options. In the past, only the mode of meditation for 20 minutes was used, and the setting time is now supported.

These upgrades have indeed taken a step forward for the hydrogen OS, but it is late, after all, for many other Android phones, these features have existed and been continuously optimized. After a few days of experience, the new system does bring a smoother experience.

Verdict & Buy

More lens and photo gameplay, bigger battery capacity and flash charging, and a smoother system. For OnePlus 7, these upgrades are really small and not a surprise, but OnePlus 7T does complete it. The “mission”, a substantial upgrade is not necessary, more surprises and innovations let us wait to see next spring. The existing upgrades add up, stepping forward on the frame of OnePlus 7, filling up his shortboard, bringing a better user experience, moving closer to the front of the hardware.

It is undeniable that this is still a powerful flagship, “poisonous” feel, powerful performance, smooth screen, you can recognize at a glance that this is a small and beautiful one, but does not support 5G, no Supporting these details such as wireless charging, I also regretted the addition of OnePlus 7T. Right now you can buy it at only $539.99 by using coupon code: GKB50PP 

Update on Nov.8, ,2019

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