Oneplus 8 Android 11 Stable Version Released with New UI Design


Oneplus 8 has now pushed android 11 stable version of the system update, bringing a new UI visual design, the addition of game toolbox and screen display permanent bright function.

Meanwhile, in this update, the one-and-eight dark mode has been added with a shortcut switch, the meditation mode has been added to support multiple meditations, and the loading speed of the gallery has been optimized.

OnePlus 8, released in April 2020, features a 6.55-inch, 90Hz AMOLED screen, snapdragon 865 processor, a built-in 4300mAh battery and a 30W fast charge.

Update the content

This version is the first stable update for Android11 and may have compatibility issues with some three-way apps. Such issues require the active adaptation of the three parties, and we will actively communicate and promote them. If there are any problems in refueling, feedback can be given to the application team of the three parties to jointly promote adaptation.


Update UI visual design, optimize many details, bring you a more comfortable visual sense

The new version of the weather visual refresh, vivid and vivid weather elements to bring more immersive experience

Optimize the stability of some three-party applications and improve user experience

Game Space

New game toolbox, support e-sports mode to open quickly, and three notification mode switch (text reminder, suspension notification, completely blocked) to bring you more immersive game experience

Add WeChat and quick reply operation for QQ small window mode (in game mode, it can be actively opened by pulling down the upper right corner and left corner of the screen)

Add the function of anti-mistouch of the notification bar in game mode. After opening the function, you need to pull down the top and click to pop up the notification bar

Offscreen to show

Added the function of constant light on the rest screen, which can turn on at regular time/all day (Setting path: setting – display – permanent light on the rest screen)

The new “Time” rest screen displays custom styles, which are designed in conjunction with Parsons School of Design students, and are constantly changing according to the duration data of the phone (Setting path: setting – personalization – clock style).

Add 10 new clock styles, rich and varied clock styles for you to choose (setting path: Settings – Personalization – Clock Styles)

The dark pattern

Dark mode added shortcut switch, drop – down shortcut Settings can open

Dark mode supports setting auto open and time period (setting path: Settings – display – Dark mode – Auto open – open according to sunset and sunrise/custom time)

Meditation mode

The Meditation mode offers five new themes, including ocean, space, grassland, meditation and sunrise, with more duration options to choose from

The mode of meditation has been added to support multiple meditations, and friends can be invited to meditate together


Intelligent weekly review function, according to the situation of the material intelligent generation of video, keep good memories

Optimize the loading speed of the library, the picture preview is faster


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