Oneplus Buds Z2 Latest Preheats: Active Noise Reduction


The mobile world will be very busy, OnePlus, Black Shark and other new products will be released. OnePlus will not only release the latest OnePlus 9RT, but also bring onePlus Buds Z2 wireless noise-cancelling earphones. Approaching the press conference, the preheating information of OnePlus Buds Z2 is also getting more and more.

According to the latest preheating information of onePlus mobile phone official blog, onePlus Buds Z2 will have seven upgrades this time, bringing new experiences such as 40dB active noise reduction, 3Mic AI call noise reduction, 38h lasting battery life, 94ms low delay, 11mm moving coil unit, Bluetooth 5.2, and permeability mode.

This is consistent with many previous revelations, for example, OnePlus Buds Z2 will be supported by 11mm moving coil unit and support Dolby panoramic sound, with better sound quality. In addition, it is also reported that the charging case of OnePlus Buds Z2 supports IPX4 waterproof, and the earphone supports IP55 waterproof, which is more durable.

As a noise-canceling earphone, OnePlus Buds Z2 not only brings 40dB active noise reduction, but also improves the noise reduction in call scenes. Meanwhile, with the help of the permeability mode, Oneplus Buds Z2 can be more smart. In the real environment, the user can also perceive the surrounding environment while listening to the song, without having to take off the headset back and forth, which greatly enhances the practicality.

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In addition, the battery life upgrade of OnePlus Buds Z2 also further improves its experience. Regular users of wireless headphones know that 20 hours of battery life and 38 hours of battery life are two different experiences. Of course, the actual experience will depend on how the headphones perform after launch.


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