OPPO Find X6 Smartphone will Use 1.5K Screen


At the beginning of the New Year, OPPO Find X6 series news came, as the image flagship OPPO Find X5 iteration machine, the new machine has received a lot of attention.

According to blogger Code Chat, OPPO Find X6 Standard edition will feature a high-quality domestic screen, measuring 6.74 inches, 2,772 x 1,240 pixels and supporting 120Hz adaptive high brush.

It is worth noting that the new machine supports the original 2160Hz PWM high frequency dimming, will have better eye protection effect, look and feel is also good.

It is reported that the design principle of PWM dimming technology is based on the temporary characteristics of human vision, through the alternating light and dark screen, to create a continuous effect of human eyes on the screen content, so as to achieve a seamless connection of screen content.

The higher the PWM dimming frequency, the more comfortable the screen looks, the larger the fluctuation range, the more likely to cause visual fatigue, so OPPO Find X6’s 2160Hz PWM high frequency dimming screen performance is worth looking forward to.

In terms of core specs, OPPO Find X6 comes in three models, just like its predecessor, one Dimensity and two Snapdragon. The chips are the Mediatek Dimensity 9200, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ and Qualcomm second-generation Snapdragon 8.

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In addition, the telephoto lens will return to the Find X6 series. With the hidden telephoto lens, the new model’s image performance will be greatly improved without any shortcomings.


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