OPPO Pad Air Review: Sleek Design, Large Display With ColorOS


OPPO released its first tablet product, the OPPO Pad, which was an instant hit due to its high appearance and high configuration. After a lapse of 3 months, with a new OPPO Reno 8 series phone, OPPO has brought a more entry-level OPPO Pad Air, which satisfies those who want to own the high-value OPPO Pad but do not need such a high configuration for daily use.

One of the biggest features of OPPO Pad Air is that the OPPO family has always been thin and high-value. The size of the new tablet is 245.08*154.84*6.94mm and the weight is 440g. The one-piece metal straight edge design and slim size make the OPPO Pad Air really “air” both in feel and vision.

From the symmetrical four-speaker openings in the middle frame, it can be inferred that the external audio performance of the OPPO Pad Air should be good, and it is indeed the case. There are four independently distributed speakers inside the opening, 0.8cc large-capacity sound chamber with 1W high-power speakers, plus Dolby Atmos technology blessing, bringing a more atmospheric and spatially clearer stereo effect, and audio-visual experience The sense of immersion is greatly enhanced immediately.

The back cover of OPPO Pad Air adopts a unique splicing design. The large surface is a metal sheet processed by fine sandblasting, which is comfortable to hold and does not account for fingerprints. The stitched part is a sunset dune design with colorful 3D textures. The picture may not be obvious, but the actual dune area is the three-dimensional texture felt by the fingers. With the help of lighting effects, the beauty of the sunset pouring over the boundless dunes is truly displayed.

Of course, in addition to the dazzling star-silver color scheme, OPPO Pad Air also provides a deep but not dull fog-gray color scheme to choose from.

Design & Appearance

On the front of the tablet, OPPO Pad Air is equipped with a 10.36-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2000*1200, supports a 2048-level intelligent backlight, and has a color rendering capability of one billion times. It also passed the German Rheinland téV low blue light eye protection certification and received a five-point evaluation from the National Eye Engineering Center. When you need to look at the screen for a long time, it can better protect the user’s eye health.

OPPO Pad Air adopts the scheme of arranging the front camera on the long side of the tablet, which will have better compatibility for scenarios where the horizontal screen is used, especially for scenarios that we are quite familiar with using tablets for video conferences. Your poses and video angles will be much better.

OPPO Pad Air also has a perfect optimization solution for scenarios where children need to use a tablet to study and take online classes. For example, the learning center built into the tablet is designed for students in terms of interface and content. Parents can not only set up remote guardians such as one-key activation, deactivation, duration of use, and situation monitoring but also set up learning plans for their children that suit their circumstances.

Moreover, in addition to the built-in dual-certified eye protection screen, OPPO Pad Air also supports all-around AI detection including sitting posture, distance, eye fatigue, and dark light reminders, which can pay attention to the health of children’s equipment promptly and help children. Develop good study habits. A full set of peripherals, a good partner for office and study.

To enrich the functionality and ease of use of the tablet, the mid-range OPPO Pad Air is also equipped with a full set of peripherals including a smart Bluetooth keyboard and a smart stylus. In its full state, it can instantly turn into a portable notebook to complete your mobile office tasks.

Smart Stylus

In addition to the stylus body, the matching smart stylus set also comes with a 9th battery and two replacement nibs. The design of the pen is different from the usual tablet stylus, and the shape will be closer to a normal pencil. The side button can switch between eraser and brush with one click. Turn on the battery, the stylus will be directly turned on and automatically paired, and it will automatically sleep after a long standby time. You can write by lifting the pen without manual action from the user.


The stylus itself supports 4096 pressure with ultra-low latency. When drawing notes, the lines are smooth, the pressure is clear, and the handwriting is more delicate, which fits the user’s hand. It is powered by a single AAA battery and has a battery life of up to 1,000 hours (10,000 hours in pure standby). Even if it is calculated according to the relatively high-intensity daily use of 3 hours, the battery can be used for a long time of about 1 year.

Like the OPPO Pad, the smart Bluetooth keyboard is made of Rapoo material and has a double-sided protection design. The keyboard feels good, and the 1.4mm keys are convenient for input. Shortcut keys can also effectively improve work efficiency. The only downside is that the skin-like surface is comfortable to the touch but is prone to grease. After the keyboard is fully unfolded, it is a convenient stand, and the form is closer to everyone’s usage habits.


The charging port (Type C) and switch of the Bluetooth keyboard are on the right side. When it is turned on for the first time, it will be automatically paired with the OPPO Pad Air, and a corresponding pop-up window will pop up on the tablet side. Pairing is easy with a click. The stable output configuration optimizes the large-screen experience.


Inside the slim body, the OPPO Pad Air is equipped with an 8-core Snapdragon 680 mobile platform with a maximum memory of 6GB+128GB. Behind it is a battery pack consisting of a 7100mAh battery and 18W fast charge. The overall configuration is stable and practical, which can well meet the daily use and study and office needs of users.

The game can be regarded as a typical comprehensive load scenario. In the case of ultra-high resolution and high-definition picture quality, OPPO Pad Air can also maintain stable output in the glory of the king. The average frame rate of stand-alone games reaches 59.9FPS, and the video entertainment and gaming experience are reliable.


With more communication between OPPO Pad and users, the experience of the ColorOS for Pad system on OPPO Pad Air is perfect. The first is the convenient large-screen operation. Whether it is two-finger sliding to split the screen, or four-finger kneading to open the small floating window, it is a natural logic and a very convenient control method.

In use, users can also drag out the smart sidebar from the side at any time. The sidebar is lined with several recently used apps and features that are expected to be in use at the moment. With the help of a smart stylus, it can easily record and annotate any scene.

With the cross-screen interconnection function of multi-terminal devices, users can quickly establish a connection channel between the mobile phone and the tablet computer, and project the mobile phone screen to the tablet computer screen, to easily control the mobile phone on the tablet computer side in the multi-screen window, and the tablet computer screen can directly Check the information on your phone.

The photos and videos taken by the mobile phone can be directly long-pressed and dragged to the tablet. The tablet can also realize the text input and reverse control of the mobile phone, and the shared clipboard function has been added. After the establishment of cross-screen interconnection, the copied text on any device can be directly pasted to the device connected at the other end of the cross-screen, and the efficiency of multi-platform mobile offices at home and abroad has soared.


OPPO Pad Air has its clear positioning, and its appearance and appearance are adhering to OPPO’s consistent high-level design. The system experience is more complete than before, and the performance is stable and sufficient.

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If you have higher demand, then of course you can choose the OPPO Pad with higher positioning and higher price, but if you want to find a tablet product with good quality, feel and function on a smaller budget, use it to give Children take online classes or entertain themselves, then OPPO Pad Air will not let you down.

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